Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the number two best place on the planet (according to me).

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is my home and I absolutely love it here. I really, truly wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the entire world.

When I think about North Vancouver, I wonder how many people love the place they call home? I wonder how many people would die to live where I live and I also wonder if there are just as many people who wouldn't trade places with me for anything. I certainly hope the latter is true. I'd like to think that the majority of the people on this planet are content with the place they call home and love where they live as much as I do.

However, perhaps given the title of my post, you might wonder why home stacks up only as #2 on my best places on the planet list. Well, there is one place I love just a little bit more than home and that is my favourite vacation spot of Hawaii (see earlier post about Sunset Beach).

Okay, so I love Hawaii, but the only place I would truly want to live is right here in North Vancouver. As great as Hawaii is, I think I might get a little island fever after a while. It's a wonderful place to visit, but I'm just not sure I would want to live there. (Although I wouldn't mind experimenting with that theory for a while!)

I've been lucky enough to travel to many places and there are certainly quite a few I would love to live temporarily, but North Vancouver is my home for life and here's why:

This city is incredibly beautiful.

In fact, there are only a few places I have ever been to that are as breathtaking as Vancouver. Which, of course, makes it perfect for me that I live here, because I thrive on beauty. My energy comes from the mountains, the water, the clean air, the trees and the blue skies. Here's a picture I took from our front patio yesterday:

Who wouldn't like to look out their window and see that everyday?! This place is spectacular.

But that's not all. Vancouver has many other wonderful attributes other than it's natural beauty. This city is culturally diverse, with many communities happily co-existing and enjoying what each has to offer. There are festivals and cultural events happening year round that the entire city enjoys - not just the communities to which they specifically apply.

Vancouver also has amazing, world-class restaurants, with culinary offerings from all over the globe. Of course, the best thing our restaurants have to offer is a taste of the West Coast: beautiful, fresh seafood accompanied by tasty local organic produce and prize-winning BC wines. Delicious!

I could literally go on all day about why I think Vancouver is so great. I feel safe in my home. I trust the water that I drink and the air that I breathe. Our daughter has wonderful teachers at her preschool. Our community makes recycling a priority. I feel proud of my country and the ideals it represents. I know if I ever needed help, a stranger would lend a hand. People say please and thank you. I can always expect a smile from a store clerk and I enjoy returning the same. I know my mailman by name and Doug is a really nice guy. These things may seem corny, but they're important to me.

I feel very proud to say I'm Canadian and I love the neighbourhood I live in. Maybe this place is better than Sunset Beach after all.

(If anyone reads this and has plans to visit Vancouver, let me know. I love to give tips on great things to see and do here. It's such a wonderful city and I'm happy to act as its ambassador.)

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Aline said...

I always wanted to visit Canada and I love what you wrote, thanks!!