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all about me...

In light of my desire to use this blog as somewhat of a place to record my memories, I have written a small synopsis of my life. This is probably only interesting to me as I try to keep track of the highlights of my life, but if anyone falls upon this lonely little unread blog, please feel free to give it a read and comment if you wish.

Here goes...

Carolyn's Life. Part 1

I was born a wee little thing in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where there was always tons of snow in the winter. Snow is really my only memory of living in Montreal for the first year of my life; and that memory is really only from pictures. Life in Montreal, for me, was spent mostly sleeping so I guess I was pretty boring back then.

When I was about a year old, we moved to Markham, Ontario, which at that time, was a small community just outside of Toronto. There were cornfields behind my elementary school and it was so small and safe there that I regularly walked to school alone and was allowed to ride my bike around the neighbourhood all day unaccompanied by an adult. Now, Markham is really just a suburb of the ever-expanding Toronto and I'm sure kids aren't even allowed to cross the street by themselves.

My brother, my friends and I all played soccer in the summer and spent winters in the local ice arena. The girls figure skated and the boys played hockey, which was what I really wanted to be doing, but girls weren't allowed to play hockey back then. In a little bit of foreshadowing for my life, a CBC Hockey Night in Canada crew came to film at our local rink and I ended up being part of the opening credits for the entire hockey season. It left an impression on my young mind. The soccer, the skating, the brush with fame... it all added up to a wonderful childhood that was pretty hard to beat.

Growing up in Markham was fun and exciting, so I was sad to leave at the age of eleven when we moved to West Vancouver, British Columbia. But, as anyone who has ever been to Vancouver will agree, the west coast is beautiful and amazing, so I quickly fell in love with it and haven't looked back since.

I spent my teen years at a wonderful high school that allowed me the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities. I did well in my classes and loved musical theatre. I had very small background roles in a few of the productions put on at the school and was also very active with the high school rowing crew. My small size and big voice made me a perfect coxswain, a position at which I excelled. I also coxed for the provincial team one summer and won two gold medals at the Canada Summer Games. I am still very proud of this accomplishment.

After high school, I went to UBC and got a degree in anthropology, which I have not used since. I worked in a law firm for a while, thinking I wanted to be a lawyer one day, but it was boring, so I ran off to sea.

I worked on a cruise ship where I had tons of fun and visited more than 30 different countries. It was interesting, and exciting, so I stayed for two years. Somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea I met my husband, Balazs. We had our first kiss in the Baltic Sea and I guess it was something about the motion in the ocean because we decided to settle down in North Vancouver and got married. I wore my wedding dress twice because our ceremonies were both in Vancouver and in Budapest where my husband is from. We’ll be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary this March.

After the weddings I worked in a law firm for a while (again) as a research assistant in a first nations land claim case. It was boring (again), so I ran off to work in radio. I started doing some brief on-air stuff as a sticker spotter at Z95.3 (yet another brush with fame) and then moved into their promotions department where I took part in giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of prizes. If you ever have the opportunity to drive up to someone’s house and give him or her a brand new car, I highly recommend it. Better yet, do it more than once like I did. This is still one of the big thrills of my life.

After meeting a bunch of rock stars*, and partying like a rock star, I moved on from Z95.3 (aka the best job in the world where I was overworked and underpaid) and went to CBC Radio One as a publicist (aka the worst job in the world where I was underworked and overpaid). Who knew when I was a kid in the opening credits of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada that I would work for the CBC one day? Although, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as my childhood memories had fooled me to believe, so I ran off to get pregnant.

Which I did, and Csilla was born nine months later.

While pregnant with Csilla, I wrote two screenplays: both of which now sit on a shelf gathering dust. I also briefly worked as a background extra and was even featured as a belly double in a small film starring Tori Spelling called Hush. Donna Martin actually touched my tubby tummy! If you ever catch this craptastic movie-of-the-week (usually on at about 2am) watch for all 3.1 seconds worth of my bulging Csilla-filled belly at about 20 minutes into the show. So many brushes with fame! Are my 15 minutes officially up?

Csilla's almost three years old now and full of energy. She's super smart and extremely funny. A real sweetheart and the love of my life! Her name means twinkling star in Hungarian, which she definitely is to us. If you're wondering, Csilla's name is pronounced Chill-ah. The Cs is pronounced like Ch in Hungarian. It rhymes with gorilla and sounds just like chinchilla without the chin!

I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom to Csilla ever since she was born and I don’t plan on returning to work any time soon. I enjoy scrapbooking all of Csilla’s lovable and beautiful moments and I like to unwind at yoga once a week when Csilla’s in preschool. I watch more television than I should and don’t get as much sleep as I should.

Other than that, we try to vacation in Hawaii once a year and travel to Budapest as often as we can afford. My husband works as a background booking agent in the film industry, a new position for him, which he is enjoying more and more each day. We live in my mom's basement suite in North Vancouver where the rent is cheap and the babysitting is free. We like it here and could say we're pretty happy.

To be continued…

*They weren't actually rock stars, they were more like glorified pop stars, but rock stars reads better.

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