Sunday, January 13, 2008

blog header frustrations and birth of the happy girl.

Typical me. I started this blog so I could spend some time writing and exploring my thoughts and of course, what do I do? I spend a ton of time getting bogged down on the details of making my blog header just the way I want it. I don't know anything about writing HTML, so I just can't seem to figure it out. Uggh. Looks like I'm just going to leave my header imperfect (yikes!) and get on with the business of writing something. I really need to work on my fear of imperfection... but that's another post altogether.

I guess I should start by sorting out in my head exactly why I'm writing this blog. It certainly wasn't to write ridiculous scripts about farting (see previous post) although I do think I'm trying to figure out how to get silly again. A long time ago there was this lady I worked with who nicknamed me The Happy Girl...

...but I haven't been The Happy Girl for a long time now, so I'm trying to shake things up a bit and start figuring out how to be The Happy Girl again.

I have this friend Diana and she has an amazing zany sense of humour that I just love; and for some reason, when I write her an email, this whole kooky crazy personality comes out of me in my writing. I say things that are crass, lude, wacky and weird. Something about her brings it out in me. I can hear her laughter as I write. This blog is my attempt at capturing some of that every day. (Diana has a newborn, so I hardly think she could actually sift through all of my musings if I actually emailed her this stuff, so a blog it is.) Perhaps at first I will write about my frustrations, my annoyances, my failures, but eventually I hope to claw my way back to being The Happy Girl. Let's see if I can rekindle some of that spirit in my writing.

I certainly don't expect anyone to read this or to even care, but if someone happens upon my blog in this lonely little corner of the Internet, please feel free to impart some wisdom or funny that might help me along on my journey. Until then, I'm going to write as though no one is reading and say whatever is on my mind.

[Follow up - I finally figured out the title header and I like the way it looks. Phew. I can breathe now.]

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