Wednesday, January 30, 2008

four random things that made me laugh recently.

The following post contains profanities and mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

1. Csilla and I were outside gardening (before the snow fell) when this nutty old lady walked up to us and started talking. I've seen this lady before. She looks to be about ninety (mature subject matter), but she walks every day. Rain or shine. I'm sure she was drawn to us because Csilla is just so darn cute. At first it was a normal conversation, but the old lady quickly (within thirty seconds) started telling me about how much she hated living with her daughter because her daughter was a total bitch. Yes, she used the word bitch right in front of my almost-three-year-old. She also told me that she wanted to tell her daughter to "shove it up her ass". Luckily she said this last profanity in Italian, so Csilla didn't understand. I wish I could remember how to say "shove it up your ass" in Italian. Could come in handy one day.

2. Csilla and I were playing with my scrapbooking supplies today. Csilla had a bunch of my wooden rubber stamps all lined up on the table and was building a city with them. I actually thought this was quite creative because the stamps were long and thin and looked like skyscrapers. Anyway, she kept stacking them all up on end and then accidentally knocking them over before she could build her whole city. I was curious to see how it would all turn out, so I said, "hey honey, whatcha you building over there?" Csilla blurted back, "Just you wait and see little fella!" Huh? This kid isn't even three. Where does she get this stuff? Of course I started laughing and out of possible embarrassment (like she thought she'd said something wrong), she sheepishly explained with a shrug of her little shoulders, "sometimes I say that to the other kids at preschool." Csilla is cute and funny all at the same time.

3. Last night at dinner Csilla was being cute and eating some sort of rice concoction with a spoon when she decided she really wanted a fork. Why I don't know, because rice is clearly much easier for a toddler to eat with a spoon. But instead of just saying, "may I have a fork please?", Csilla began chanting "Fork! Fork! Fork! Fork!" at the top of her lungs. This is not the funny part. The funny part is that Csilla tends towards this odd Bostonian accent where her "O"s turn into "U"s and her "R"s turn into "C"s. You do the math. Here we are trying to enjoy a nice family dinner and my almost-three-year-old is chanting our favourite familiar four-letter-F-word at the top of her lungs. Nice.

4. And one last thing that made me laugh recently which surprisingly had nothing to do with Csilla: lately my husband has been watching the super-awesome show Rescue Me, starring Dennis Leary. Every so often he tells me what's going on so I can keep up while I waste all my time writing this blog that nobody reads instead of watching it. Apparently Dennis Leary's hockey team on the show is called The Iceholes. A hockey play-on-words that involves a familiar profanity. Made me laugh. Love it.

That's it. Four things that made me laugh recently.

What have we learned here?

1. Csilla and I spend a lot of time together.
2. I think Csilla is extremely cute.
3. Csilla often makes me laugh.
4. Profanities are always funny.

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