Thursday, January 24, 2008

it's a banner day for laughing alone in the dark...

Wowie kazowie! Two comments in one day? Are you kidding me? I am going to lose my mind. This is so overwhelming! Talk about the little blog that could.

First, I received a sweet comment from an awesome scrapbooker in Germany. Check out her wicked works of art at
Scraplog. She so talented and I'm so inspired.

Second, I received a comment from none other than his awesomeness, Buzz Bishop of radio and awesomeness fame. Did you know that Buzz has a super-cute son nicknamed Zizou? Hopefully Csilla and Zizou will hook up one day. He's that cute!

A little shout-out to Buzz for being the first one to tell me I didn't suck at this blog thing. If you're interested in all things technological, check out his blog
cyberbuzz. Or, if you're more into news, Hollywood gossip and all things pop-culturish, check out Buzz's other blog The Blog According to Buzz. (Canada's far savvier answer to

Go ahead. Post a comment on my blog. I swear I'll write a post about it. Go on. Do it. I double dog dare you.

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