Saturday, January 19, 2008

knock knock.

Exciting news! At 1:15pm on Thursday, January 17th, Csilla successfully delivered a knock-knock joke. This is significant because Csilla has been obsessed with knock-knock jokes for almost a year now, but has never mastered the fine nuance of the delivery. To show you what I mean, here are some examples of previous knock-knock joke attempts:

Csilla: Knock-knock!
Mama: Who's there?
Csilla: Butter.
Mama: Butter who?
Csilla: Butter butter!! Hahahahaha!! Get it? Butter butter?? See? Butter rhymes with butter! Hahahahaha. Isn't that funny?!?!

Mama smiles and rolls her eyes at yet another cute, but totally unfunny knock-knock joke.

Or, how about this one:

Csilla: Knock-knock!
Mama: Who's there?
Csilla: Book.
Mama: Book who?
Csilla: Book! I'm going to read it to Easter Bunny! Hahahaha! Get it? Easter Bunny??

Hmmmmm. Actually, I don't get it.

Poor kid. She's just never been totally clear on the concept. Of course, until yesterday, when the light bulb briefly flickered on and she successfully told one knock-knock joke. (She has since told ten more that went completely sideways.)

So here it is. The successfully delivered knock-knock joke:

Csilla: Knock-knock.
Mama: Who's there?
Csilla: Olive.
Mama: Olive who?
Csilla: Olive you too, mama!

Awwwwwww. And such a fine sentiment at that. Olive you too, Csilla!

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