Monday, January 14, 2008

rule number one has fallen and it can't get up.

Looks like I've already failed miserably at the first task I handed myself in this new blog challenge. The assignment? One day without complaining. And do you think I could do it? Nope. I woke up feeling sick and miserable, which started a massive downhill slide. I found myself ringing up the complaint department every five minutes without even realizing it. This went on for most of the morning until I dropped off my daughter at preschool and headed to yoga class. Luckily I arrived at the yoga studio before completely sliding right off the cliff of complaints.


Three Oms and I'm all good. Ahhhhh Yoga. Much better. Yoga is the best. My one hour slice of heaven each week. The new plan for 2008? Develop a yoga routine so I can start a daily practice instead of a once-a-week-and-only-when-I'm-in-class practice. It would definitely help me cut down on my complaining. I know that for sure.

Here's an Oprah moment for you:

Things I Know For Sure: When I shut my mouth and just breathe, I don't complain.

Funny that. No open mouth, no complaining. I should write a book. I'm a genius.

Which brings me to The Happy Girl's Rule #2 - Do more Yoga!

Tomorrow I'm going to work on Rule's #1 and #2. Let's see how I do. Dear blog, I'm putting it in writing which means I have to do it, right?

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