Thursday, January 31, 2008

six random thoughts that went through my head today.

1. My hair stylist Nathaniel is awesome. He's the only person in the world who has ever given me a haircut I loved. I look hot tonight!

Snow is slippery. Especially when I'm driving way too fast down a hill the way I always do and the stop sign is fast approaching, but I don't actually stop when I hit the brakes because the snow is so slippery. I just keep on sliding. Slippppppppppppppery.

3. My ass looks fantastic in my new
Lucky Brand Jeans. Every woman should splurge on an expensive pair of jeans once in a while, although my idea of expensive is $150 - half price during Boxing Week sales with a gift certificate. Either way, my ass looks awesome. Maybe Lucky Brand Jeans would like to advertise on my blog one day. Especially if I link to them every time I write Lucky Brand Jeans. They owe me since the so-called Lucky numbers that were on the back of the fortune cookie fortune in the pocket of my Brand new $150-half-price-with-a-gift-certificate-Jeans didn't pay off on the lottery.

4. I love
goat's cheese. Mmmmmm goat's cheese. I love goat's cheese. That's right. Goat's cheese. If a restaurant has a menu with goat's cheese on it, I'll find it. No need to read the rest of the menu once I spot the goat's cheese. No sir. No further perusal necessary. I love goat's cheese.

5. I'm boycotting #5. The
number five has all the luck. Why are most lists five items long?

6. What about poor
number six? Sure, it's one number more than the ever-popular five, but give it a break. Haven't you heard of six degrees of separation? That's pretty cool. And how 'bout this guy? He's doing his best to raise the status of six but he's only human. Help him out. How about we all try lists of six for a while?

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Kimberly said...

Alright, you've got me giggling with your #5 boycott. I confess to my prejudice against numbers 4 and 6...I shall attempt to mend my ways soonly.

A nice fitting jeans is a must. I splurge on a pair every time I lose a size or so. Wheeee!