Thursday, January 24, 2008

vote for meg.

Here's a blog I like: Not only is Meg witty, interesting and funny, but her posts are also introspective and thought-provoking. What more could you ask for in a blog? Better yet, Meg is Canadian! I only hope my blog will one day grow to be 1/100th the awesomeness of hers. It's getting there... I received my first posted comment today. And from someone in Germany no less. Germany. Booyah! Take that Meg.

I'm less than one month into this blogging thing and I plan on stealing many of Meg's ideas until I get some of my own. In which case, if you read her blog and you read mine too, I can assure you that if you find any similarities... it was her idea first. I just hope she doesn't sue me for plagiarism one day.

Meg is up for a Canadian blog award. Find the link on her site and vote for her if you're so inclined. Go Meg!


buzz said...

I am so glad you're diving into the Blog thing, you couldnt pick a better mentor than Megnut.

Meaghan C. said...

This was so lovely... thank you so much! I'm actually just a big dork, but I guess you can be a dork on the Internet.

You'll kick ass in your own way, girl, and the world will notice.