Sunday, February 10, 2008

babies, vacuums and dancing. oh my!

Balazs and I have been in negotiations lately about The Second Kid.

Just before Christmas we were especially deep in debate. We felt the pressure to produce some sort of extra excitement over the holidays with the announcement of another child.

Should we have another baby? Should we not have another baby?

We couldn’t decide, so we got a Dyson.


A vacuum cleaner.

Around the same time as we were deep in the baby discussion, our current vacuum broke down. It stopped sucking (literally). It completely sucked (figuratively).

So there we were, in a dirty house, trying to decide if it was the right time to have another baby, when Balazs said, “let’s get a Dyson!”


A decision we could actually make.

(Although at that point we’d been talking about getting a Dyson longer than we’d been discussing The Second Kid. We bought our last vacuum about a year after Csilla was born, almost three years ago. We talked about getting a Dyson then, but instead of forking over $500 we coped out a bought a cheap $100-special. It stopped working properly about a year later and stopped sucking altogether a year after that.)

My husband is a full-fledged OCD neat freak and I have terrible dust allergies. Between the two of us, we like to keep a clean house. So after years of disappointment, we finally did the research and decided a Dyson was in order.

In my opinion, $500 is a lot of money to spend on a vacuum. It’s not like it does the vacuuming for you.

We were also hesitant about the purchase of a Dyson because we wondered if our desire to buy it stemmed purely from the fancy ad campaign featuring a well-spoken gentleman with an English accent.

Doesn’t everything sound more desirable when said with an English accent? Bond. James Bond. Um. Yes please.

I mean, if Mr. Dyson-with-the-English-accent thinks things “should just work properly” then his vacuum must work properly, right?

Well, after all the research, we discovered that many people - not just Mr. Dyson - think his vacuums work properly, so we bought it.

And let me tell you. Talk about excitement.

The unveiling of the Dyson when we brought it home was quite the event. There had been so much discussion about getting this vacuum cleaner, that when we finally pulled it out, Csilla danced around like it was the greatest thing she’d ever seen.

I seriously wish I’d had the smarts to videotape her enthusiasm. It was hilarious.

And holy moley. Does this thing ever suck! Literally.

That Mr. Dyson is no liar. His vacuum does work properly.

The first run we took down one length of our hallway brought up more dirt into the clear collection bin than seems sanitary. Yuck! Keep in mind that although we vacuum our house almost daily, for more than a year it had been with a vacuum that didn’t actually work.

Did I already say yuck?

I don’t even want to talk about the first run around our entire house with the new Dyson. Let’s just say it was both incredibly satisfying and thoroughly disgusting.

Balazs and I took turns vacuuming while Csilla ran circles around the Dyson squealing with delight and dancing a jig.

My advice to you all?

Get a Dyson.

It’s worth every penny.

And according to the warranty, so long as we wash the filter every six months, it will still we working as well in ten years as the day we pulled it out of the box. The way I figure it, I’d rather buy one $500 vacuum every ten years, than one $100 vacuum every two years. (Especially considering the $100 vacuum doesn’t work for the second of the two years.)

We still haven’t made a decision about The Second Kid.

It’s much easier to bring home an inanimate object than to make a decision about conceiving a living, breathing human being. Csilla seems to think a sibling would be nice, but she doesn’t know how poorly she slept for the first year of her life. Balazs and I aren’t so sure we want to go through that nearly marriage ending hell again.

For now, every time we bring out the Dyson we tell Csilla to come play with her baby brother. She dances around it with joy and lately she has even started talking to it.

Are we doing irreversible damage to our child?

Who knows.

At least our floors will be clean.


Aline said...

Oh my, thanks so much for telling this story and let me begin my day with a laugh! :))
Have a great week!

Kimberly said...

We had much the same experience when we upgraded to a Bisell bagless upright (I luuuurve it). It was so frightening looking in the clear cup after the first run around the house. The second run was pretty gross too. I couldn't talk Neil into a Dyson, alas. Perhaps next time!

And we're in third baby discussions right now. We've opted for the not trying but not not trying method.

Kelli @ Gohn Crazy said...

Yep I agree that it is a very satisfying yet horrifying experience to sweep the first time with a Dyson. Our house was eight dumps! EIGHT DUMPS!!!! Yuck! I feel so much better now knowing that my floors are actually clean. And not only that but we got an amazing deal on our baby at Lowe's - 20% off and a $10.00 coupon. It made it that much sweeter a purchase. I've had it about a month now and the newness excitement has not worn off...nor do I think that it ever will. Now Dyson and Roomba need to start dating and reproduce. That would be some amazing offspring. :)

I totally feel you on the sleeping thing. I was spoiled by my first and she was sleeping through at 3 months. My son just turned a year and he's not sleeping. It is pure hell some days.