Sunday, February 24, 2008

biggest disappointment awards.

Not wanting to "steal the illness limelight" from my baby on her third birthday, I didn't mention in my last post that I also had the dreaded flu alongside Csilla. Thankfully she has already made a full recovery, whereas I continue to be a useless lump of soggy noodles.

I say this not to garner sympathy comments, but only to say how annoyed I am that two of my favourite events all year were pretty much complete and total washouts.

And the nominees for Biggest Disappointment of the Year are...

1. My Baby's Birthday Party - which had to be cancelled (although a redux is in the works), and;
2. The Academy Awards - which I luckily enjoyed from the couch, but not with my usual fervour and none of the cosmopolitans! Gasp. Shock. Horror.

And the Biggest Disappointment of the Year Award goes to:

My Baby's Birthday Party - the look on Csilla's face when we told her we had to cancel her birthday party (as if barfing on her birthday wasn't punishment enough) was the worst thing I've had to endure all year. I'd rather be sick again then have to witness her face crack into a million pieces as she was consumed by tears over her cancelled party. Unfortunately telling her we would do it again soon just doesn't register in a three-year-old's mind the way a mama would hope.

How sucky is that?

A close runner up in this category is the fact that I didn't have the energy (or the equilibrium) to comment ad nauseum on all things Oscar here on my blog. It really is my favourite television event of the year. Sigh.

To everyone who has posted comments in the last few days, thank you so much! I've only had enough energy to glance at a few things, but almost no energy to reply or to keep up with your blogs. Hopefully I'll catch up this week, but if I don't, thanks for your support.

Getting dizzy again... must go to bed.


Kaycie said...

Feel better soon.

Kids are resilient. She'll be fine and will probably never remember it was cancelled. Well, not when she's ten, anyway.

That's not much consolation, I suppose, but it's all I got. It doesn't get any easier. Mine little one is too sick for school today and quite unhappy about it. He was set to star in a classroom video today. Phone calls were made and teacher has assured him that videotaping will be postponed. Oddly, that did not make him feel better.

Kimberly said...

Oh hun, how horrible! Sure hope you get through it quickly so life can get back on track again.

Jan said...

Not very rewarding there. sorry

Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear.....I am so sorry for you and your daughters hurt over the party. I hope when it does is awesome.

Hillary said...

That is so sad! I'm sorry. Get better soon. And I hope your daughter cheers up a bit.