Saturday, February 16, 2008

a day (or two) late in the romance department.

I meant to post this quote for Valentine's Day, but I totally spaced and didn't do it.

Way back when I was in university I read a lovely book for an African literature course called Oronoko; or, The Royal Slave, written by Aphra Behn and first published in 1688. The story is a bit of a tough read (that wasn't a typo, it was first published in 1688), but it's incredibly romantic and inspirational in parts.

I've always loved this passage:

"[Oronoko] made her vows she should be the only woman he would possess while he lived; that no age or wrinkles should incline him to change; for her soul would be always fine, and always young; and he should have an eternal idea in his mind of the charms she now bore; and should look into his heart for that idea, when he could find it no longer in her face."

Sigh. Even a day late it's still romantic.

Imagine. A man loving a woman regardless of the wrinkles that come with old age. I can only hope that Balazs will look into his heart like Oronoko did as I begin to oxidize and deteriorate...