Friday, February 15, 2008

design envy.

Sigh. I just paid a little visit to the always gorgeous Design Boner and was led to the most beautifully designed stationery on the planet. I'm salivating. Literally. If you've ever wondered what perfect eye candy is to me, see it at

I've always loved beautiful stationery, but this takes it to a whole new level. I'm a huge fan of clean and cool graphic design. This is the type of stuff that makes me simultaneously want to 1. immediately go back to school to become a professional graphic designer and 2. just give up now.

I can't compete. Even if I was a graphic designer for a living all I would want to do is copy this stuff. I'd never come up with anything original; I would just plagiarize what they're doing and hope that I didn't get caught.

This section in particular makes me want to get pregnant with The Second Kid just so I can send out notecards.

Add the entire collection to my Christmas list.

(As a small boost to my own ego, the Valentine's Day card I designed two days ago is not totally unlike the stuff at and today is the first time I've ever even seen the site. Maybe with a little more pratice and inspiration I'll get there.)

On another somewhat new subject:

My love of good graphic design is totally trumped by my unfortunate lack of html writing experience. In my next life I'm going to come back as a graphic designer with mad html skills. I can't even begin to tell you the ridiculous amount of time I have spent staring at the html code of this blog trying to figure out how to make even the smallest changes. I wish I had the know-how, but I don't, so in the meantime I'll focus on the writing instead of the million things I would love to do to make my blog look a certain way.

Maybe I'll pull a Dooce and change my header once a month just to satisfy my design cravings.

I've had a few comments on the overall colour scheme of my blog. How disappointed would you be if you showed up one day and it looked completely different? Is it ridiculous to think anyone would even care?

Let me know...

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Kimberly said...

I go through periods where I change my blog template several times a week. As in, huuuuge changes. Drives some people crazy, makes others laugh, some love seeing the changes...

I figure, it's all good. Be you. Find the blog design that makes -you- happy.