Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I had my one-hundredth post not long ago.


I didn’t mark the occasion but I understand that’s the thing to do in blogs: mark occasions like your one-hundredth post.

Although I’m not sure if making one hundred posts is such a big feat for me considering many of my posts are only a few words long. Or consist of quotes I didn’t write. Or include videos I didn’t make. But that’s beside the point…

I still thought I should do the classic, albeit belated, one-hundredth post list of one hundred interesting things about me, so here goes:

1. I’ve been married twice, but never divorced. You figure it out.

2. I once spent a night in the North Atlantic in churning gale-force winds on a cruise ship christened by Princess Diana. It was on the day after she died. It was our Captain’s first cruise as a Captain. The ship had just departed from the same port of call as the last port of call of the Titanic. We were sailing through uncharted icebergs. There was a crack in the hull and we were taking on water. Did my underwear need to be laundered in the morning? You figure it out.

Skip a few.

99. I have a huge long scar along my gum line inside my mouth. Yes, I’ll tell you the story sometime.

100. I once avoided being arrested in Mexico by paying off a police officer. No, I won’t tell you the story sometime.

Remember that from when we were kids? One-two-skip-a-few, ninety-nine-one-hundred?

I’m not sure if I used the format I was supposed to, but there you have it. It’s my blog. I’ll do what I want. Besides, I'm sure those four points are more than enough to discuss in one post.

If you want the Coles notes on my life you’re out of luck. I’m very longwinded. Just keep reading the blog. I unfold slowly like a good novel.

Or, under the influence of alcohol, I spew forth with reckless abandon. Literally and figuratively. I’m paradoxical like that. You’ll also notice I overuse the phrase literally and figuratively. I like to use it with reckless abandon. I’m reckless like that.

One day again soon I’ll write about something meaningful, but today is not that day. Or, maybe it is. I might write something meaningful tonight after Csilla goes to bed. Or I might watch television instead. I’m feeling very undecided.

Sorry for the ramble.

Maybe I’ll take requests. Anyone want to know anything in particular?

I’m awesome. Have a nice day.


Kimberly said...

Oooo...Csilla's friend of the day is the very same sort of mouse we got at IKEA when we were down over the weekend. So cute.

I love the way you did this post. Made me giggle rather a lot. I look forward to watching your story unfold.

Carolyn said...

Red Mousie is from Ikea. Csilla's a huge fan of mini friends. The smaller the better. Ikea has a bunch of cute ones like this and she loves them all.

(btw - I didn't realize anyone actually noticed Csilla's FOTD. It's more of a laugh for me. She has about 1000 stuffies and I have a hard time keeping track of who's the top dog/cat/bunny/mouse each day.)

As for the post, glad you giggled. Personnally, on re-read I thought it sound disjointed and confused, but if it made sense to you then maybe I'm just tired. Yoga knocked me on my ass today.

Kaycie said...

I noticed Csilla's FOTD, too. Probably because my youngest is into Webkinz right now. Big time.

I completely ignored my 100th post. What you did was cute.

Anulled, widowed, or married the same guy twice. What else could it be?

The cruise thing is creepy. I remember the night she died. I'd been out visiting friends with my older two kids, then only about 5 and 3. Or maybe 6 and 4. Or something. They were little. Hubby was home and had a friend over. They were quite drunk. When the report came on the tv, they sobered up pretty quickly. Not a great night.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That was very neatly done. It's not easy to write a post that poses more questions than it answers.

Please? Inquiring minds want to know.

Congrats on 100!

Carolyn said...

Sorry RC. It'll all come out in the wash. You'll just have to keep reading to learn more.

How's that for mysterious?

Wait. I'm not mysterious so I'll throw you a bone. Kaycie was right on the "married the same guy twice" guess.

Balazs and I were married both in Vancouver and in Hungary.

That's it for now...

frog ponds rock... said...

hehehehehehe Well done.. I wish that I had thought of that for my 100th post...

cheers kim..

Sandy said...

Ah, I was too late on the draw but I knew the answer to your wedding riddle. I had a similar wedding scenerio :) I also have a great wedding dress story which makes my Scotch heart feel all fuzzy everytime I think of it. Not only did I get to wear my dress twice, once for each wedding, but I got to wear it a third time for my photo shoot in the Grand Canyon. Up to that point I really felt I'd got my money's worth out of the dress, but then I got to make it even better and lend it to my cleaning lady's daughter who was on a limited budget. Feeling really good already, I had yet another chance to lend the dress to a friend's sister who lives in Algeria....The dress is finally out of my hands and alas no longer at my mercy, but I can only imagine how many more weddings it will see living over there where everything is handed down!

Sandy said...

So glad that I was right about the wedding question and that you are not a remarried

Just stopped over RC's to take a browse. Your header is one of the nicest I've ever seen. Terrific job. And I love your color choices.

Corey~living and loving said...

fun post. It made me smile. so clever.
have a great day.

the mother of this lot said...

I'll keep reading because I like things that come out in the wash!

Hillary said...

Hi! I came by way of Temporary? Insanity, and I already love your blog. Such a clever 100th post. And you definitely caught my attention. I'll have to come back just to hear the stories.

Jan said...

You made me so, skip a few, happy and amused. thanks.