Wednesday, February 6, 2008

more youtube love.

Here are two more amazing YouTube videos from this week that really caught my eye. The first literally made me gasp in amazement; and the second was so inspiring that it gave me chills. I wish Canada had a Barack Obama. I wonder if it was intentional to give his speech such a MLK Jr. "I Have a Dream" vibe? I guess any good speech writer is always trying to re-create magic like that.

By the way, does anybody know who the cleavage girl is at 1:10 in the second video? She's got a great voice.

Thanks Buzz for posting these on your blog so I could love them too. That's three videos from you this week that really left an impression. Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Frozen Grand Central Station

Yes We Can


Kimberly said...

I'm scared to visit YouTube because of all the time I could potentially spend there. Thanks for sharing these.

buzz bishop said...

so much link love!

the boobie babe is natasha bedingfield. i believe.

Carolyn said...

Buzz - am I embarrassing you? If it's too much, I'll stop. ;-)