Saturday, February 9, 2008

my obsessive fear of pedophiles.

The beloved Uncle Gordie and Auntie Janny have just arrived at our house. Strange, but Csilla's cold seems to have miraculously disappeared. This takes me off mama-duty for at least a few minutes. Thought I'd share something:

I'm obsessively afraid of pedophiles. (Who isn't?)

It's the primary reason why I don't like to post too many photos of our daughter on the internet. My mother is even more afraid of pedophiles than me. Her first question when I told her I was starting a blog was: "you're not going to post photos of Csilla are you?"

I can't even stand the thought of some creep looking at Csilla's photo and...

I can't even type it.

Just yuck.

I don't know if this fear is ridiculous or unfounded, but there it is.

My second worst fear about posting photos on the internet is photo theft. It's not as if my photos are amazing, but who knows? There are lots of people out there with bad taste. I especially don't want someone with bad taste stealing my photos and putting them on their ugly desk at work.

I thought I was being paranoid until I read this post by the awesome Angella of Dutch Blitz fame.

Now I know I'm not crazy.

And since I'm not smart enough to figure out how to html the heck out of my photos so someone can't right click and steal them; and since I am pretty handy with photoshop; I thought I'd take care of the problem that way. I planned on doing just a simple watermark on my photos, but then I saw some wicked inspiration on Kal Barteski's blog i LoveLife. What an amazing way of deterring photo theft!

I've re-posted a few photos just to play with the watermark and the Kal-inspired photo text. You can check them out here, here, here and here.

I'm not sure what the etiquette is, but since we're talking about stealing, did I just steal her idea by doing the same thing?

Is it okay because I told you where I got the idea?

You'll also notice my last post is totally ripped off from her. I wanted to see what a cool font would look like all scripty on my blog. After all, I am a font whore.

Anyway, if Kal catches wind of this and isn't impressed, I'm apologizing now. No theft is intended. You're a scrapbooker, I'm sure you'll understand. Consider it a "lift" - the highest form of creative flattery in the scrapbooking world.

Let me know what you think about the photos and about the theft (by me and others).

Gotta run. My ten minutes are up.


Kimberly said...

I don't think the idea is so unique as to be someone's intellectual property (I've seen the watermarky things on countless blogs now - love 'em!), so you're probably safe.

I know someone who takes pictures of her little girls so that their faces never quite show. I know someone else who edits funky hats onto people in pictures, with the hats pulled halfway down the faces...and I know others who simply post no photos of their kids whatsoever.

I'm...well, obviously the opposite. And I'd like to say it's because "I don't let fear rule me" or something all bold and edgy like that, but really, I'm just going with my gut. By nature, I'm paranoid and neurotic. With regards to this, I feel quite peaceful. Call it a sign. Or call it me being a twit, but there you go. =) I think every blogging parent has to make their own decision for their own reasons, with no thought to what others might think of them, you know?

I'm all cool and non-judgemental like that. =P

Angella said...

I refuse to let idiots stop my fun.

Watermarking is a huge deterrent :)

Carolyn said...

Well put, both of you.

Perhaps I should stop being such a ninny and 'refuse to let idiots stop my fun'.

I admire you both for not letting fear rule. Maybe you'll see more more of our daughter in the future...

Jules said...

I think your watermarks are really good. And the "lauging" signature is YOU. What a good idea.

Did you use Photoshop to do it?

I'm still wrestling with the idea of even publishing my kids FULL names, rather than thier initials, let alone their pictures.

Okay, so I'm not RULED by fear - just a bit overly "mother-bear" protective, perhaps? When I do get up the courage, I hope my watermarks look as good as yours. :)