Saturday, February 2, 2008

new scrapbook layouts.

I whipped up a couple of new scrapbook layouts this week.

This first one, goats, I submitted for 'Simple Schemes' in Simple Scrapbooks. Fingers crossed. I would love to get published in Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. It's one of my favourites by far. Although I highly doubt they'll select it because I switched the scheme around too much. Oh well.

By the way, I won't be posting these on Two Peas until I'm sure I didn't get selected, so if you came to my blog via Two Peas, here are some layouts you won't see anywhere else!

And now...

exclusively at laughing alone in the dark...

On the product side: I just love love love anything by Scenic Route. I went nuts at their CKC booth in Seattle. The stickers and the chipboard are from them. Of course, I'll also never get enough of the Doodlebug paper posies. They're so adorable!

On the technique side: machine stitching is my newest favourite technique. It's the perfect way to add a nice border to something. This is the first time I cut out a photo (the goat). I'm very linear in my design style, so that small detail was very outside the box for me!

This next layout I made for 'Becky's Sketch' in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. It was actually inspired by an Ali Edwards layout from the September 2006 issue of CK (p.64). I love the concept of this layout - thanks Ali! I plan on making one every year of Csilla's life. Click the picture to see it larger so you can better understand why. Just before Csilla's second birthday, I made notes of everything about her under the heading "If you really knew me you'd know that..."

An idea I got from Oprah. Thanks Oprah!

I love the concept of recording small little personality details about Csilla for each year of her life so one day she can look back and really know what her interests and passions were. I certainly wonder if her obsession for bouncy balls and all things spherical will somehow present themselves in a future career. Let's just hope it's something to do with engineering or sports and not something far more unsavoury. Balls? Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, here it is...

exclusive to laughing alone in the dark...

Hope you like. TFL!


buzz bishop said...

Your layouts are GREAT, but can i be honest? I dont get scrapbooking.

In 2008, with all the web tools in the world, I dont get why its still so popular when you could do these things online and share them with so many more people.

Your if.. layout would make a FAB website.

just my dimes.

laughing alone in the dark said...

Hey Buzz. You're climbing up my fan list (see on the right)! Thanks for your comment. I totally get where you're coming from. In fact, I was you two years ago.

How do I explain my passion for scrapbooking simply? I can only speak for myself and not other scrapbookers. We all do it for different reasons. My reasons are:

1. I love paper and stationery and scissors and glue and all things crafty. I was the kid who couldn't wait for back-to-school shopping so I could buy more pencil crayons. I scrapbook because I love the products. My enjoyment of playing with paper can't be duplicated with a computer.

2. I love graphic design. There are many people who do 'digital' scrapbooking (exclusively computer designed pages) or 'hybrid' scrapbooking (computer and paper, scissors, glue). Scrapbooking gives us an outlet for our artistic desires. If we're going to spend hours playing around with fonts and layouts and photoshop brushes, why not do it while exploring our memories, our families or ourselves?

Some other points:

Most scrapbookers are avid photographers. Scrapbooking is a way to display their work. Most keep blogs or have web pages or flickr to feature and record their passion for scrapbooking. There is a HUGE online community of scrapbookers and we all share our work with friends, relatives and other scrapbookers online. It's a really supportive artist group that is fully dialed into the cyber world.

I guess my point in response to your question is that scrapbooking and 'web tools' are not mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand. The only difference is that we also keep all of our work in a pretty little books on a shelf in our home so we can enjoy it when the computer is off or in fifty years when computers are obsolete. [wink]

btw - I would love you to expand on 'if' being a fab web site. I was thinking of starting a Csilla-only blog to simply record little tid-bits. Is that what you mean?

Thanks for all your comments and support and especially the link yesterday. I got lots of hits off it.

Scrapbooking is the new knitting. Want to interview me on your show??

I heart you!!

Kimberly said...

That last one took my breath away - gorgeous!

sandyjgrant said...

I love this page! I'm not ashamed to say I am going to do one myself and come back for more. In any case, anything I've ever tried to 'copy' has never resembled the original anyway. Why is that?