Thursday, February 14, 2008

ohhhhh. ahhhhhh. look at the pretty photoshop brushes.

Here's a little Valentine's Day card I whipped up for all of you in Photoshop yesterday:

The fun brown hearts were made with Photoshop brushes created by the awesome Mel of Mel's Brushes fame. This is the single greatest photoshop discovery for me. Brushes are super cool and easy to use, and now that I know I can download all sorts of amazing brushes free from the internet I'm thrilled. You can also find some very cool brushes free at Brusheezy.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Thanks for visiting and making me feel welcome in the blogging world!


Maggie May said...

Hello, just dropping by via retiredandcrazy. Like your blog! Like your valentine badge!djfc

Maggie May said...

Sorry don't know what happened to the last word. Was supposed to be the code to your comment!