Monday, February 4, 2008

oprah. i forgot a few things. ball is still in your court.

Last night I made a post about my wildest dreams, but I must have been overtired, because I forgot a few things. So long as I’m making a list of my wildest dreams, I probably shouldn’t omit anything.

Maybe Oprah will decide to come through and I’d hate to think… “damn! I should have made one more post, then I could have had the personal chef too!”

So, here goes.

A few more things, dear Oprah, that are my wildest dreams. If you (or anyone else reading this blog) has any ability whatsoever to help me attain these wildest dreams, feel free to contribute. I’m working on them myself, but I think you, Oprah, have a better shot of making them happen than I do.

Again, in no particular order:

16. A personal chef. For the rest of my life.

17. A day with Chef Duff and his awesome team at Charm City Cakes just making and decorating wickedly extreme cakes.

18. One of my screenplays made into a movie.

19. Oh, what the heck, although most of my wildest dreams involve experiences and not material possessions, it would be nice to have a second car. Nothing too fancy. Just something to get me from A to B. A nice simple luxury hybrid would do the trick. (And if it was delivered by Leonardo diCaprio that would be quite the bonus).

20. The opportunity to be one of the tasting judges on Iron Chef. I love that show. Even my almost-three-year-old knows who Iron Chef Bobby Flay is.

21. The opportunity to spend a week building a new home for a deserving family with the design team of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This will, of course, culminate in me yelling: “Bus driver! Move that bus!” (Note to self: if Oprah doesn’t make good, call Habitat for Humanity and do some volunteering).

22. A day on set hanging out with the boys of Entourage. Hug it out bitch!

23. World Cup tickets for myself and all my friends and family, plus the plane tickets to get us there.

24. Rink-side tickets to the men’s and women’s Olympic gold medal hockey games. For life. Plus the plane tickets to get there.

25. Continuing on the sports theme… tickets to the championship matches of all four grand slam tennis championships for myself and my husband Balazs.

26. One more sports wildest dream… a private golf lesson with Tiger Woods and then 18 holes at Augusta National.

26a. I guess that means I should also ask for a rather large sleeve of golf balls.

27. A lifetime supply of chocolate Pocky. I just love those delightful little crunchy chocolaty sticks of yummy goodness.

28. A night on the town with Robbie Williams culminating in a drunken impromptu private concert for Balazs and I.

29. A private guided tour of Le Musée d'Orsay on a quiet spring evening in Paris, followed by dinner at The Ritz.

30. A re-do of the day I spent in Aruba giving a truckload of Christmas presents to orphans. This still stacks up as one of the best days of my life.

31. Continuing on the re-do theme… a re-do of driving up to someone’s house and giving them a brand new car. I did this more than a few times when I worked at Z95.3, but I’d still love to do it again.

32. The opportunity to act as Gayle King’s “favorite foods” partner-in-crime. The next time Gayle goes on assignment to find the best barbeque ribs or mashed potatoes in America - or whatever she wants to eat for that matter - I’d like to be there. [edit - Not only will I allow her to sing along to the car stereo, but I will enjoy every minute of it and I'll sing along too.] And while we’re at it, I’d like to tell Gayle about the best doughnuts I’ve ever tasted in my entire life. They come from Honey’s in Deep Cove, North Vancouver and I’m pretty sure they put narcotics in those little pillows of heavenly goodness because they are beyond divine.

32. Hmmmm. That reminds me… a lifetime supply of Honey’s doughnuts.

33. Which I guess means I’ll need a personal trainer for as long as I can stand to continue eating the doughnuts.

34. Which brings me to the need for a personal yoga instructor. For life. All that sugar... I'll probably need to calm down.

35. Oh, and I guess that also means I’ll need a personal acupuncturist and a reflexologist too. All that bendy stuff will probably leave me sore.

[ooops... one more... how could I forget?]

36. Thirty-one different pairs of Lucky Brand Jeans. So my ass can look fabulous every day of the month.

That’s all I can think of for now Oprah. See what you can do.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on number fifteen and any others I think I can make progress with.

Oh, and if any of the fifty people who have ever visited my blog have any influence in the progress of any of the aforementioned wildest dreams, please feel to do something about it, or at least add a comment.

What are your wildest dreams?

Here’s to wishing on stars…


Kimberly said...

Honey, you need a new wardrobe to wear whilst enjoying your new lifestyle. I'm just sayin'.

sandyjgrant said...

Ok, I'm not saying I can doing anything about romance and Paris, but I do live kinda close so if you ever do get there I'd be tickled pink to have you over for cocktails. I could even introduce you to some chocolate that would make you forget all about Pocky :)

laughing alone in the dark said...

Hey Sandy! Wonderful to hear from you. How's the little Clara? Hope you are all well.

So about this chocolate...

You're in Belgium right? Hmmmm. I've heard the peeps over there know a little something about chocolate.

Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

Oh dear. I was so caught up with thoughts of chocolate that I almost missed the word cocktails.

Next plane ticket I can afford, I'm there!

laughing alone in the dark said...

Kimberly - Wildest Dream #3 included a shopping spree and Wildest Dream #4 included a Valentino gown. Jeez? You don't read EVERY WORD I write?? What is with you?