Wednesday, February 6, 2008

valentine’s day is coming up. it’s time to propose.

Ever wanted to propose to your sweetheart in the most romantic city in the world? Well, if you've got the coin to get to Paris, here's the company to set it up for you: Apoteo Surprise.

Some of these proposal ideas are very romantic and creative, but others leave me with some serious questions. Like:

Do men think a room full of balloons and cuddly toys is actually romantic? For the record, it's not. At least not to this mama. Csilla’s simultaneous obsessions with balloons and cuddly toys has taken the romance right out of it for me. Reads more like a kid's birthday party than a romantic marriage proposal to me.

Who loves Columbo that much? Weird and creepy all at the same time.

I wasn’t aware that a high speed car chase in "Starsky and Hutch's Ride" was every woman’s dream of the ultimate marriage proposal in Paris. Do you really need to fly to the most romantic city in the world only to live out your wildest hillbilly fantasy?

A proposal in a doll museum? Creepy. But read on. The dolls come to life too. Let's be clear boys. Dolls coming to life is scary. Not romantic. Hey honey! I notice you’ve just crapped your pants. Wanna get married?

A few other thoughts:

What’s with all the parchment?

I know more than a few ways to say I love you in the back of a limousine.

Buzz, is there a translation for Apoteo in French? I’m a bit leary of the name Apoteo Surprise. This doesn’t sound like the kind of surpise I want.

Good luck boys.

And remember: enchanting abbeys, soft music, candlelight and rose petal showers? Romantic.

Starsky and Hutch, Columbo and dolls that come to life? Not romantic.


Kimberly said...

I find so much of that very, very disturbing.

buzz bishop said...

did you see the price tags for those things? $1000 for 2 waiters to sing?

hmmm. it's paris. you shouldnt need that kind of help in paris. IT'S FREAKING PARIS!

btw, i'm thinking of dropping on a knee for jen in paris. top of the eiffel tower, just like tom cruise.

then i will jump on oprah's couch.

and make creepy videos of how i like to rescue people.

ha hahaa hhahahaaa hhahaha

Carolyn said...

You're completely right Buzz. It's Paris. How much help do you need? I do like some of the ideas, but the price tags are indeed way too steep.

As for you and Jen, if you're serious, awesome!! Make an honest woman of that lady already Buzz. ;-)

Tom Cruise is a freak. Don't go there...