Monday, March 24, 2008

are you a verbose storyteller?

Do you love to spin a good yarn?

Then this is the place for you!

Join the Verbose Storyteller's Club today!

If you tend towards embellishment or longwindedness and no longer want to make apologies for excessive wordiness, then apologize no more. Please feel free to use and proudly display any of the following Verbose Storyteller's Club logos and warnings on your blog.


Do you know a Verbose Storyteller who needs some reformation? Then drop a hint and direct your intolerable Verbose Storyteller to this post and never suffer through another self-indulgent, rambling story again.

Welcome to the Club!

See this post for more colours, or request your own custom colour today!


Jan said...

That is hilarious Carolyn. No apologies needed. I love that your a verbose storyteller. I can't get over how you can have so many thoughts just stream out of you like its effortless. I have troubles with that. Well after reading this I need a potty break. I'll take one sign in pink.

CrazyCath said...

Ooooh this is wonderful! No raised eyebrows or sighs or "Get to the points" here! Great stuff!

Thanks for the invite! I'll take my time choosing a logo. Got to put boy to bed right now or he'll sleep in for school because Mum was blogging. Bad mum!

softinthehead said...

Thanks Carolyn, now, sad though it is, I have to go thru that learning to add stuff curve...bear with me.

Jen said...

Oh my heck, LOL. This is hilarious! I'm SO putting one of these on my blog!!! This is great! Thanks :)

The Rotten Correspondent said...


Thank you. I was born for this label. Ha! We've found our niche.