Monday, March 10, 2008

csilla's big birthday bash. take two.

Two weeks after Csilla's big birthday barf-o-rama, we finally did Csilla's Big Birthday Bash. Take Two. You'll be happy to know that The Birthday Girl had a marvellous time and nobody fell ill at the last minute (except one entire family of invitees!)

Luckily, Csilla didn't even notice the significantly abbreviated guest list.

I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but Csilla was possibly, maybe, potentially, but probably not, exposed to chicken pox sometime in the last couple of weeks. This meant that I was forced to ask 95% of the guests to stay home. I just couldn't stand the thought of people coming to Csilla's birthday party and going home with a nasty itchy case of the pox. (Particularly my friends who are pregnant. Eeeek.)

In the end, my adult brother (who has already had chicken pox), his wife (who hasn't had chicken pox but really really really loves Csilla), a little playmate of Csilla's from preschool (who was also already possibly exposed to chicken pox) and her parents (my previously mentioned new friend Linda and her husband) were the only ones who made it to the party yesterday.

I could have held off for another couple of weeks (until after the CP incubation period) in order to include everyone who was originally invited, but I seriously just couldn't listen to Csilla ask one more time when she was going to get to eat her birthday cake and ice cream (as if all the mama-guilt treats she got to eat in the last two weeks weren't enough)!

After all the grief and frustration since the original shindig was cancelled, it was wonderful to finally have a big (but small) party to celebrate our baby's third birthday. Presents were opened, hordes of food was made and eaten, cake was devoured, chocolate ice cream was dripped onto new party clothes and a delightful time was had by all.

Here are a few pictures of our baby having fun at her big third birthday bash.

[Edit - I removed the photos because I've been having nightmares. Sorry.]

This is a special treat for all of you who read my blog, because as you know, I don't like to post too many photos of Csilla (I'm a little paranoid). Enjoy the gorgeousness of our girl (I'm a little biased), combined with the awesomeness of my brother's mad photography skills (I wish I could say I took these):

[Edit - You can still look at the cake. Yum Yum.]

Click to see these larger... & thanks for looking!

(Oh. And if you look closely at the second-to-last picture you'll see the aforementioned chocolate ice cream drippings on the new party clothes.)


the mother of this lot said...

Beautiful photos! She looks like she had a wonderful time! (The good doesn't look too bad either)!

softinthehead said...

Love the wacky cake decoration. Looks like she had a wonderful time. It's not quantity but quality.

sandyjgrant said...

Ok, I know I should be nice and focus on how cute Csilla is (which she is by the way) but I have to admit I was quite taken by your cake. Any chance of getting the recipe, pretty please?

Kaycie said...

Csilla is a gorgeous child.

The cake ain't bad either. I love the decorations.

Jan said...

I have envisioned many cakes in my life, but yours takes the cake. I love the whimsy of it. And it looks delish. She looks like such a happy beautiful little girl. Csilla is on cloud nine that day. I am so glad she got to celebrate with family. I send out well wishes.

ciara said...

csilla is adorable and looked like she had a good time. the photos are absolutely beautiful, and i, too, wish i had mad photography skills like that :)

i don't post any pics of my children w the exception of my son who is almost 21. they're not allowed to post any online either. my husband lets his son post some, but that's them.

Kimberly said...

Beautiful, beautiful girl! She could be a child model, she really could. What an amazing scrapbooking page this will make!

david mcmahon said...

Came here from Corey's blog. As a parent, I can identify with this post - and I think your photography is great.

Corey~living and loving said...

oooooooooooo I am sooooooooooooooooooo in love with these photos. wow....stunning.

your girl is soooooooooooo beautiful. wow....she is stunning as well. So much ummmm more love. I can feel it.
thanks for sharing.

Hillary said...

looks like LOTS of fun!

CrazyCath said...

Oh this is a real "feel good" post and I do! (feel good that is!) Your daughter looks gorgeous, she is having such a good time. I can almost hear her laughter - the photos are brilliant.
And that cake! Mmmmmmmm.

Thanks for posting (from one paranoid mum to another - I don't do photos of kids either and take my hat off to you! Very brave - glad you did. It wouldn't have been the same post without seeing her smile).

I came over from David's btw.