Saturday, March 29, 2008

dear canada. don't forget to turn off your lights!

Did you know that tonight at 8pm local time, people around the world will be joining together to turn out their lights for Earth Hour?

As a gentle reminder, I've cut and paste most of the email I received a few days ago from WWF-Canada into the body of this post. However, the email was extremely boring, so I added a little bit of commentary to spice up the facts dramatically. Well, okay, not dramatically, but it's better.

Dear Canada,

Won't you join me in sending out a very strong message that we need to do more to fight climate change?

(And here's where you shout, "Yes Carolyn! Whatever you say, eh!")

Earth Hour, celebrated in Australia last year, is now a huge global phenomenon.

(Way to go Australia. G'day mates!)

And because Earth Hour is taking place around the world at local time, many countries such as Australia, Thailand, Germany and Ireland will be celebrating before us.

(Mmmpf. Why does Vancouver always have to go last? Nobody ever stays up to watch us celebrate anything. )

Watch their lights go out first, and then get ready to show the rest of the world how committed Canadians are to fight climate change.

(Yes! Canadians are one committed bunch of hockey-loving, bacon-eating, climate-change-fighting freaks.)

According to a recent poll a staggering 70% of Canadians have said they will be participating in Earth Hour.

(70%? Booyah! Take that greenhouse gases!)

And in the spirit of Earth Hour being a catalyst for change, more than 50% of Canadians surveyed said Earth Hour has made them more conscious to save energy and go green in the future.

(Yay Canada! Go Planet Go! But hey...)

One hour is not enough. Make every hour Earth Hour by living The Good Life.

(The. Good. Life. Yes. Please.)

Earth Hour is part of a bigger, ongoing effort. You can take steps everyday to help fight climate change by living The Good Life.

(Sign up today! Tooooooooday. Today. To-DAY? TO-day? Today.)

WWF-Canada's newest conservation program, The Good Life, is an action-oriented campaign mobilizing Canadians to reduce their ecological footprint.

(Snicker. The term ecological footprint always makes me think of Bigfoot.)

See how your actions can add up to help fight climate change. Join The Good Life today and make your voice heard!

(I mean, who doesn't want to be heard? Why else would you have a blog if you didn't want to be heard?)

So get off your rumps and turn the lights off tonight at 8pm. Don't be late! Be there or be square. See you later alligator. In a while, crocodile.

Love, Carolyn

ps - if you're not Canadian, you can play along too. I dare you. In fact, I double-dog dare you!


softinthehead said...

Go Carolyn!! I will try and stay up and watch your lights go out.....but candles and wine!! It's going to be a challenge. :)

jennifer h said...

Well, since you double-dog dared me.

Carolyn said...

Softinthehead - good luck with staying awake after the wine. Beside, there won't be much to watch us celebrating, seeing as how all our lights will be out! I'll watch you though...

Jennifer - excellent! Let me know how it went.

david mcmahon said...

Thank you for the G'day. I like your Australian accent, Carolyn!!