Monday, March 17, 2008

five tips for photographing children.

I just read a post on my friend Buzz's blog called 5 Photo Tips For Spring Break and I thought I should tell you about it. As I said to Buzz in his comments, my brother and my dad are amazing photographers and these are probably the top five tips they have (tried) to teach me. Follow these ideas and you're sure to get better photos, especially of your kids. Now head on over there and enjoy.

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Jan said...

Now those are some tips I really needed. I am such a sorry photographer. I have tons of pictures that I wished I had known those tidbits. Thanks.

buzz bishop said...

btw, sweet pea, the photo kiosks i mention are also GREAT for printing off scrapbook layouts and have many embellishments in the photo software.

they come out at 12x12, it's near the walmart in lougheed mall.

Jules said...

Thanks for the "tip to the tips" so to speak. I'm aheadin' over to check it out.

Angella said...

Those are some core tips!