Wednesday, March 19, 2008

here's my i feel like a big jerk post. enjoy.

Somewhere in all my confusion over illnesses and birthday parties and mental breakdowns over bad dreams, I received this You Make My Day Award.

I'm very grateful for this award. However, I have a problem. I cannot remember who gave it to me.

I seem to recall visiting the blog of The Lovely Person Who Gave It To Me, where I left a comment, nabbed the award image and then completely forgot about it for a couple of weeks. Now I can't for the life of me remember where it came from. I have re-read every single comment I received in the last month trying to figure it out. I have also scoured the blogs of my new blogging friends (aka regular readers) trying to find a reference to this award with no luck.


I certainly feel like a big jerk, but I didn't want to offend The Lovely Person Who Gave It To Me further by not posting it at all.

Today there will be no snide remarks about the graphic design integrity of this award.

It is beautiful and I love it. I just don't know who gave it to me.

I don't even feel right about filing this post under "Proof I'm Cool" because clearly I'm not cool, but that's where I'm keeping all my awards, so there it will go. Sue me.

If you, or someone you know, is The Lovely Person Who Gave It To Me, then please step forward so I can thank you properly. Hopefully you are still reading in spite of my rudeness.


[Edit - And the winner is... JAN! Yes, the Crazy Lady on Road 80 herself is indeed The Lovely Person Who Gave It To Me. Hardi har har. This is completely ironic, because Jan 'awarded' it to me for commenting on her blog about being lucky and then I gave it back to her for a comment that she left on my blog. Hilarious. And this is also huge, because I've just proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that karma does exist. Seriously. What goes around, comes around.]

In the meantime, I'd like to pass this award onto a few people:

To Kaycie, for being the very first person ever to leave a comment on my blog (about Hawaii no less) and then, for actually sticking around. Thanks for reading and commenting every day. You make me feel like I'm not crazy. You've made my day more than once or twice.

To Jan, for a comment left (here) that really truly did make my day. You said exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. Your words are always kind and thoughtful and, as a bonus, I also love your blog. Thanks. I owe you some toffee.

To Kim, for also being one of my first regular readers. You actually make me feel like I'm half-decent at this blogging thing. I was especially thrilled with your first comment ever (here), where you not only said that you loved the 'look' of my blog, but that you also though I was witty. I aspire to witty. Not to mention, it was your selection of my blog as blog of the month on your blog that started the avalanche of attention I have gotten since. How many times can I say blog in one sentence? Awesome! (I actually wish I could give you two awards, just for making milk come out my nose with your 'neener neener neener' comment the other day).

Wouldn't it be ironic if one of you three gave me this award?

And, to everyone else who has also made my day? A big thanks a bunch!

Oh, and keep scrolling down. This is my fourth post today.


softinthehead said...

OMG the times I set off on the trail of someone by following someone who left a comment somewhere else etc. etc. only to get totally lost and forget where I started. I can certainly relate to this post.

Kaycie said...

You're the sweetest, Carolyn. Thanks for the award. You made my day today!

Jan said...

Thank you so very much for the award that is obviously a boomerang of sorts. I am now laughing in the dark because I did give that award after you answered the lucky question. But I will except it graciously from such a witty, open and toffee lovin gal. I really am glad that Kim had you as the blog of the month. That is how I found you. She was so right in saying, once you stop by here, you have to come back for more. Both of you Canadians are pretty addiciting characters. So I just add you to the list of fixes that I need daily. At least your free. Thanks again Carolyn.

Kimberly said...

Awww, I'm getting all sniffly now! No thanks needed. I'm totally selfish and only visit blogs I truly enjoy. You're fab and you deserve even more recognition for the fact!

p.s. it wasn't me. I haven't passed on an award (publicly, anyway) since I completely offended someone I know in real life who huffily informed me that my -real- friends should get top billing or somesuch nonsense. Oi...the drama!

Corey~living and loving said...

Do not feel bad about forgetting who gave you the award. seriously...if you don't take the moment right then to blog about it or write can you possibly remember an hour later. I have momnesia....and I forget like 5 minutes later.