Friday, March 28, 2008

hey mother nature! wtf?

We've had some really strange weather over the last few days. Three days ago it was hail with some thunder and lightning thrown in just to scare the crap out of sweet little Csilla. Yesterday it was hail and snow. And then today it was a snowy blizzard. It's the end of March for sugar's sake. WTF Mother Nature?

I took a few pictures just to prove I'm not lying. They aren't that great, but I don't claim to be a photographer. I own a nice camera. I get lucky sometimes.

Here's the hail. Click to see each picture only slightly larger (like you really care):

The hail wasn't of record breaking size or anything. No golf balls here.

The only reason I even took these pictures is because I don't recall having much hail at this time of year. It's a bit strange. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind (which isn't entirely impossible). Maybe we have hail every year in March and I just don't remember.

I will say it's been frighteningly cold for March too. I know that's not normal. I can at least remember that. Please Winter-in-a-thinly-veiled-disguise-as-Spring, enough already. I really need you to be over.

This is our backyard in case you're wondering. Nana (aka my mom) jumped the gun on planting a few flowers this year. I'm sure those poor little yellow, white and purple beauties are really cursing her right now. It's not like she'd enjoy getting pelted by buck shot either. Way to go, Nana.

Here are the best couple of shots I could get in an attempt to convey just how hard the hail was coming down.


And then here's one of our deck all covered in hail. How cute is that? Those tiny pellets of hail are adorable. It reminds me of Dippin' Dots Ice Cream. Oh you yummy little balls of cold, sweet perfection you!

So the hail was two days ago. The snow was today.

I have no idea how to take a good photograph of snow as it's falling. F-stops and shutter speeds leave me mystified. Should I have used a tripod? More flash? Less flash? A dancing bear? What?

These pictures may suck, but believe me, it was a blizzard out there today. Seriously. Crazy amounts of snow. Even for December. Especially for the end of March. Again, it's all a bit strange.

That's it for the pics.

If anybody has a line to mother nature, can you please put in a good word for Vancouver? I could really use some sunshine around here.

ps - I took all these pictures from two steps outside our house. I still had my slippers on. Even with all the crazy weather, I have to ask - is this place beautiful or what? Damn I love Vancouver.


Jen said...

WOW, I can't believe that is your backyard! It's beautiful despite the crazy weather! Shoot, now I want some dippin dots! YUMMY!!!

the mother of this lot said...

Beautiful photos Carolyn. And we went to an INDOOR waterpark. Our weather's much the same as yours.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Great piccies and the weather is just like the UK right now - sleet and snow then amazing sunshine a day later.

I promise that I did nominate you in the best mommy blog category. I will pop back again to see what is happening and you know, you didn't need to nominate me because I nominated you! Although I can see why you did so scrap the last remark! Big head or what?!

My husband nominated me for the award but I was complicit! I dictated, he typed! Nothing like a shameless piece of self promotion in this life is there?!

Carolyn said...

Jen - yes, that's our backyard. We're surrounded my monster cypress trees. It's amazing. Dippin' dots. Mmmmmm. Dippin' dots.

The Mother - thanks for clarifying. I was quite sure you lived somewhere in the UK, so an outdoor waterpark today would make you a bit of a freak.

MOB - yer funny. That's why I seconded your nomination of yourself. As I said at Best of Blogs - "I laughed out loud at a post about her breaking her toe. If she can make breaking a toe funny, she can make anything funny."

Have a nice day, y'all.

softinthehead said...

What a beautiful back yard, so natural. Reminds me of my garden when I lived in Seattle, I guess the same climate. So lush! Here in Ontario we are expecting a nice weekend to help melt the snow which will then reveal our dead grass!! Are you ready for Earth Hour - I've got the playing cards, candles and wine at the ready.

Jan said...

For the record, your place looks amazing. I wish I had those trees in my backyard and front yards. It looks so peaceful. It snowed,rained and hailed here in Eastern WA yesterday too. I was wondering where in the world was I. I haven't seen it like this in a long time. I felt we were being pranked or something. I just hope all those spring buds do not get damaged. My flowering pear trees are really pretty right now and I really want them to bloom on. Luckily we didn't go wild and plant some other things like I wanted too. Maybe Mother Nature is going thru menopause. That would at least explain some of her mood swings lately. I don't have the direct line, but I will maybe see if talking out loud to the sky and see if that help. And I'll quit the rain and snow dancing I have been doing as well. Peace Out.

aims said...

Okay - how did you get the heart in the pics? And what is that thing hanging in the is too beautiful..and yes - I'm totally jealous of your back yard...

Carolyn said...

soft - funny, I read this comment just after I posted my Earth Hour reminder. Great minds think alike...

jan - your menopause/mother nature comment made me laugh out loud. Perhaps the Menopausaloldbag who reads my blog sometimes would have some insight?

aims - about the heart in the picture. If I told you I'd have to kill you. (Kidding - I did it in photoshop and I reduced the opacity so it was a bit see-through.) The thing in the tree is a birdfeeder/house. No idea where my mom go it, but it's really pretty and the tree it's hanging in is my favourite in the whole yard. It's not much to look at now, but it's beautiful when the leaves are full.

Thanks all for reading!

Kaycie said...

I think your photos are great. The backyard is beautiful. We've been having strange March weather, too. We had about three days of 70degree weather, then it got cold and dreary. It warmed up a bit again yesterday, and today, the back yard is green all of the sudden. I swear, yesterday it was still brown.

Kaytabug said...

What a beautiful backyard you have! Your hail storm looks very similar to mine!! Weird!