Monday, March 31, 2008

hi liz. meet your new stalker.

Wow. I just had a super-exciting-awesome evening out.

Here's the frustrating part: I don’t know how to describe it. I have a million things rattling around in my head and I want to tell you about all of them.

Like. Right. Now.

How? How?? I’m typing as fast as I can. Arrrggggh. Okay. Start at the beginning.

I went to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak. You know, Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat, Pray, Love?

Eat. Pray. Love. The oft talked about on Oprah much ballyhooed memoir and long-time sitter on the New York Times bestseller list?

Yes. That Eat, Pray, Love. Yes. That Elizabeth Gilbert.

Do you see how rattled I am? I’m writing complete nonsense.

Okay. If you have no idea who or what I’m talking about, then I’ll start at the real beginning, simple-style. There’s this lady who wrote a book I enjoyed. When my mom heard that this lady was giving a talk at a local theatre, she bought me tickets for my birthday back in September.

We went tonight.

It was wonderful. I had a headache and still enjoyed myself. My brain is hurting from trying to remember all the sweet, funny, candid and interesting things Ms. Gilbert said tonight. I wish I could tell you everything. But I still have a headache.

I will say this. I don’t want to deify Ms. Gilbert because I’m sure that's exactly the sort of thing she would hate, but I will put it this way: I really respond to her perspective on life. Ms. Gilbert’s realism speaks to me in a profound way. And she’s incredibly funny too. At one point tonight I felt like I was at a comedy club and not a formal speaking engagement.

Oh wait. Tangent. Here are a few cool facts about tonight:

1. This was the only speaking engagement Elizabeth Gilbert had in Canada this year.
2. It was in the theatre of the high school I graduated from. (The same theatre I sat in for two years worth of musical theatre classes).
3. She signed my book and I somehow managed to drop the name of this blog to her within the thirty seconds we spoke. (As if she’d ever stop by, or even remember the name, but you never know.)

How cool are facts one and three? How strange is fact number two?

My mom and I are still mystified as to why she would choose to speak in that theatre as her one and only speaking engagement in all of Canada this year, but we're certainly not complaining. Apparently a woman in our community was so inspired by Eat, Pray, Love that she became determined to bring Ms. Gilbert, or should I say Liz, to West Vancouver for a talk in our little theatre.

(I can call her Liz now, since we’ve met and all.)

Am I starting to sound like a stalker? Don’t worry, Liz, you’re safe. I’m not a stalker.

Gosh. I really don’t know where I’m going with this post.

Maybe I should stop here.

I really want to tell you all about what she said, but it’s late and I think I might have to let my brain marinate for the night so the important stuff can float to the top. In fact, it may take me a day (or three) to write about it.

Sorry for leaving you hanging. I really don’t think I can do the subject justice tonight. And hopefully when I do write it, I can do Ms. Gilbert Liz justice. See you in a few days.


Jen said...

I've never heard of this book. I know, *GASP*, so now I'm gonna have to look into it and I'm eagerly waiting to here about your wonderful time tonight and all she spoke about. I'm glad you had so much fun :)

softinthehead said...

OK there's a book that needs to go to the top of my list. Sounds as if you had a great night. Hope you get to sleep OK, I think you might be marinating for a few hours yet!! :)

Kaycie said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about her speech.

Jan said...

I had seen her on Oprah as well and it was really great. I can't believe you got to see her. Marinate well because you have a feast to give out.

ped crossing said...

That book is on the book club roster in a few months. From the sounds of it, it should be a lively discussion and a fun read!

aims said...

So where have I been? I've never heard of this book either...I better add it to my list of upcoming reads...

Eager to hear what you have to say on this Carolyn..

and do you think she'll look at your blog? Wouldn't that be exciting!!

jennifer h said...

Can't wait to hear what you have to share!