Wednesday, March 19, 2008

oprah. enough kidding around. ring the doorbell already.

A while back I posted a few of My Wildest Dreams, here and here. I directed them at Oprah, because I figured she's one of the few people on the planet with both the means and the spirit to help me achieve some of this stuff.

These are ridiculous lists made up of ridiculous fantasies, but I'm all about "putting it out there" to see what happens. This does not mean that I cannot also take action towards accomplishing some of these dreams myself; it just means that I believe in the energy created by releasing things into the universe.

With this in mind, I recently realized that two of My Wildest Dreams have been tugging at my brain since I posted these lists. I forgot to mention them earlier and I'm bothered by the fact that these two fantasies have not been given a chance to expand and grow because I neglected to cement them here in this blog.

So, without further ado, Oprah, here are two more of My Wildest Dreams:

37. I would love to get published in a scrapbooking magazine*. I submit layouts all the time, but I've never gotten the call. I actually think I'm pretty good at this scrapbooking thing, but there are so many other amazing scrapbookers out there, that I think my amazingness is getting lost in the sheer volume of amazingness. I need some help in rising above the pack to get noticed. Here's where you come in, Oprah. I hear you have a magazine of your own. I'm thinking you could do a spread about the wonderful hobby of scrapbooking and feature one or two of my layouts. I'm not asking for much. It doesn't even have to be an exclusive. Other scrapbookers could be featured too. Even the good ones. I think my work stands up. And with the kind of exposure I could get in O Magazine, I figure it would be cake getting published in an actual scrapbooking magazine like Simple Scrapbooks or Scrapbooks etc. or Creaking Keepsakes. These are three of my favourites and I'd love to see my work in one of them. I'm not picky. Any one will do.

*I should note here that I have already been published once in Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine, but I have two major problems with this accomplishment:

1. They chose one of the ugliest layouts I have ever made. Ironically, I made it extra ugly as a joke. I thought to myself, "I wonder if they would select this layout if I pulled a George and did exactly the opposite of what I would normally do?" I'm not kidding. The layout was confusing, homespun, messy and disorganized. It was exactly the opposite of how I like a scrapbooking page to look. Of course, they picked it. I dislike this layout so much, that I will not be posting it here just to show you how ugly it is. Also, I do not want to offend anyone who likes the scrapbooking style represented by this layout. Some people like scrapbook layouts that look like somebody threw up on a piece of paper. Who am I to judge?

2. The magazine took the world's worst photograph of the layout. It was completely and horribly underexposed to the point that the perfectly pure white background looked perfectly grey and horrible. I was mortified when I saw it in the magazine. Hello? Has anyone ever heard of lighting?

Enough of the rant. This probably isn't the kind of energy I want to be sending out into the universe within the context of a list about My Wildest Dreams.

But, considering the above rant, I suppose I should qualify My Wildest Dream #37 just a little bit:

37a. I would love one of my favourite layouts to get published in a scrapbooking magazine. It should be a layout I'm proud of and it should also be properly photographed and printed in the magazine so that it looks amazing.

Moving on.

38. One of my favourite shows, Dancing with the Stars, just started up again. It reminded me that I love to dance. I love it. I'm not half bad at it either. I can bust a move if I have to. My sense of music and rhythm is pretty good and I know how to shuffle my feet. With this in mind, I would love to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. I suppose it's out of the question because, well, I'm not actually... a star. But. Hey. It's my fantasy. I'm a star in my own mind. And I've met quite a few stars. Does that count? When I worked on the cruise ship I took a few dance lessons and I'll never forget it. I had so much fun learning the tango and the cha-cha-cha. It would be great to do that again.

Note to self - when you get your life back and Csilla is a little older, enroll in a dance class. You'll love it!

So that's it.

Now. Oprah.

Tell your producers to stop lurking in my bushes and come ring the doorbell already. I'll go put on some makeup right now...


Kimberly said...

Have you emailed her your blog address yet?

Carolyn said...

Should I? As if that would help...

sandyjgrant said...

Well I LOVE your scrapbook layouts, at least the ones you've shared with us. I also visited your scrapbook magazine links and must admit that I was very surprised that you have never been picked for their sites. Of course the notoriety of being published on such a site is a real ego booster, but when I look for ideas, what counts is what is good, not where they came from. So just so you know : 1) you are a great scrapbooker (but you already know that) 2) you have already inspired many - just through your own channels 3)notoriety is such a be-careful-what-you-wish for --- look at poor-ol'-bald-no-kids Brittany