Wednesday, March 12, 2008


MAMA: What’s wrong? Do you have pins and needles in your leg again?
CSILLA: Yeah. My leg feels cloudy. (jan23)

CSILLA: What’s this?
MAMA: That’s the cake knife and server from Mama and Apa's wedding.
CSILLA: Was I there?
MAMA: No, you weren't even in Mama’s tummy yet.
CSILLA: Oh. Did I stay home? (jan31)

MAMA: Are you listening to me?
CSILLA: No. (Sighs.) I guess my ears aren't working today. (feb1)

MAMA: Oh no! Did you bump your head again? That’s the tenth time today!
CSILLA: (Sighs.) Yeah. I guess it's my bonking day. (feb1)

MAMA (to Nana): Csilla is 3 feet 2 inches tall.
CSILLA: No Mama! I have only two feet! See? (Points to her feet.) (feb2)

CSILLA: Can you go get brown bunny for me?
MAMA: No sweetheart. Mama’s not your servant. You can go get brown bunny yourself.
(ten minutes later…)
CSILLA: Um. Mama? Can you be my servant for a minute?
(one week later…)
MAMA: Csilla, would you mind putting this in the garbage for Mama, please?
CSILLA: Okay Mama. Because I'm your servant! (feb9)
(Oh snap.)

MAMA: Csilla, can you please hurry and go pee? Mama has to go too.
(Csilla hurries.)
CSILLA: That sure was a quick pee all right! (feb8)

MAMA: (notices Csilla stifle a sneeze and look confused when it doesn’t come out) What’s wrong baby?
CSILLA: I guess my sneeze is hiding! (feb8)

MAMA: What was that?
CSILLA: It was just a fart. You can't see a fart. It's camouflaged! (feb9)

MAMA: Wow honey. That’s a really good drawing!
CSILLA: Now that's what I call a banana! (feb8)

MAMA: (angry, after Csilla unravels the entire roll of toilet paper while sitting on the potty) Csilla! What are you doing?!
CSILLA: Did I mean to do that? Or was it just an accident? (feb10)

MAMA: (singing) Baby Got Back! Baby Got Back!
CSILLA: (confused) But I didn't go anywhere. (feb20)


Kaycie said...

Oh my. I miss these little things so much. Write them all down. Enjoy every second.

That vocabulary of hers is pretty impressive. I remember making a list of unusual words used correctly when my oldest was a little one. It's still tucked in her baby book.

Carolyn said...

Csilla's vocabulary really is pretty impressive. People comment on it all the time. I'm sure it's because she watches too much tv. I try and write everything down so I won't forget it all when she's older, but it's also part of being a diligent scrapbooker... I need stuff to scrap about!

Kaycie said...

All of my kids have always used great words. But girls are especially verbal, and first born girls can be downright amazing. It's all the mom time. I bet you never did baby talk. I didn't, even when they were babies. I am convinced that's why my kids never lisped, use incorrect tenses regularly, and built such great vocabs so early.

I predict Csilla, like mine, will be reading way above grade level early on. My girl was reading post high school in fifth grade. It's all about those verbal skills.

You seem to be doing a really great job with her, Carolyn.

Corey~living and loving said...

Somehow I missed those when you posted them. soooooooooooo funny! cute cute cute....I'm so proud of you for writing it all down. I forget everything. sigh..