Saturday, March 29, 2008

phew! that was tough.

Turning off the computer and the television for a whole hour on a Saturday night made me feel a little like a heroin addict trying to get off the junk. Wow. Do I ever need to get a life.

On the upside, my mom and I (like the good tree-hugging, granola-eating Earth Hour-loving freaks that we are) did yoga by candlelight, while Csilla bounced around us like a crazed monkey. It was fun. Except for the Csilla part. Maybe next Saturday night my mom and I will try to do the same thing. Only after Csilla is in bed.

If anyone else celebrated Earth Hour, thanks for playing along. I'd love to hear about it.


Corey~living and loving said...

tee hee....I can see you trying to be all Zen, and your little monkey making it about impossible. lol I intended to do EArth Hour....but I had a RARE night to myself, as Sugar is having her first sleepover with her cousins, and hubby is gone on a fishing trip. I just had to take advantage and try to get caught up on the 10000 photos I have to edit. So I didn't go all dark, but I did turn off everything but my computer. :)

jennifer h said...

I thought it was Friday night. So I guess I'm lame. Does it count?

the mother of this lot said...

No yoga - we ate pizza by candlelight instead!

softinthehead said...

Being Billy no mates, hubby in Germany and son at the movies (!) I sat in the darkness and read by candlelight. I did not get the impression that the city around me was plunging into darkness!!

Kaycie said...

Yoga in candlelight sounds relaxing. Except for the Csilla part.

CrazyCath said...

I gave up trying to get everyone to turn off games, lights, TVs and computers. So did it myself later in the night when they had the lights out because asleep.

Does that count? :(

Jan said...

I was thinking about you and how it was going up there. We decided to go to bed early and then of course I woke up after a little while and could not sleep practically the rest of the night. But we are always the house that looks empty. We never use all the lights around our house at night.
Glad you survived the addiction and that Csilla kept everyone entertained ;)

Carolyn said...

Corey - wow! Lucky you! A night off? An empty house? What's that? Can't relate to any of it except the 1000 photos to edit!!

Jennifer & CrazyCath - every little bit counts!

MOTL - mmmmmm pizza!

Soft - awwww. Poor Billy no mates, sitting all alone in the dark. Hope you were at least laughing (alone in the dark)! Oh, and it didn't seem like Vancouver plunged into darkness either, althought our street did well. All our neighbours participated.

Kaycie - yes, except for the Csilla part!

Jan - Sorry for the insomina. Hope it wasn't my fault!