Saturday, March 15, 2008

silly last post.

Re-reading my last post this morning makes me feel a bit silly. I must sound totally crazy!

I don't want to shut down my blog. The whole point of it was to meet new people and let others share their thoughts on my life and my writing. If I put a password on it, then it forces me to decide who I like and who reads my blog. In doing that, I might not allow someone in who I might otherwise genuinely enjoy knowing.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I have my own prejudices and preconceptions about people. If I choose who reads my blog, then I will continue to surround myself with the same thoughts and the same opinions as the ones I have deemed similar to my own (and therefore supposedly interesting and acceptable).

In that, how will I expose myself to new ideas?

Except for one random post from a man who runs a lovely blog about scary topic for me, I have been thrilled with meeting every single person who has posted a comment here. Meeting new people makes me feel alive and I would hate to limit the possibilities of this blogging adventure by putting a password on it.

Am I making any sense? I'm not feeling too eloquent this morning.

Kaycie had a nice suggestion. I think I might put any posts containing photos of Csilla into 'draft' mode and then post them again later (or not) when I've decided how I feel (or at least get some sleep).

[Edit - I've decided to pull a few pictures down and edit some others. I think this will ease my mind.]

Sometimes it's hard to love someone as much as I love Csilla. Sigh.

Uh-oh. They just figured out Blue's Clues. Gotta run.


Maggie May said...

Only just found your last post & have commented on that & also on this because I wanted you to find it.
Don't worry you are being sensible, enough.

softinthehead said...

Glad to hear you seem calmer, and have put things in perspective. I know what you mean about cutting your self off from people, making judgements, as I mentioned in my post of a few days ago, (What a Wonderful World) that's is part of the joy of blogging, of course, as in life, someone always wants to spoil it. Stay strong - glad you are sticking around.

Corey~living and loving said...

hey really are stressing out about this. I wish I could take your fears away....I really do. I am getting ready to do a series of posts about protecting our children. I hope it in some way....eases your mind.

Carolyn said...

Hey Corey - I'm trying not to stress out about this. Normally I'm not too paranoid, but the dream I had last Monday was so incredibly real and scary that I felt the need to type and purge.

Check out my quote of the day. I'm really making a mountain out of a molehill and feel quite silly for posting anything at all. I could delete delete delete, but this blog is about me and all my neuroses too!

Kaycie said...

I don't think you're crazy at all, sweetie. I think you are a normal, loving mother of one special little girl.