Saturday, March 15, 2008

stop being crazy and other things on my mind today.

Here’s a list of random thoughts for you:

1. My blog posts are always way too long. Who in their right mind has an hour to spend reading my blog every day? Maybe lists are the way to go for me.

2. When I wonder why I haven’t had more comments on my last few posts I think: “Hey! Maybe people are smelling a little too much crazy up in here and want to keep their distance.”

3. Csilla has discovered a newfound fear of water touching her face. She went apeshit tonight in the bath when we tried to wash her hair. APE. SHIT. She cried until she almost barfed - even when the water was turned off and there was no imminent threat of water touching her face.

4. This is becoming a pattern with Csilla. The other day she almost cried when rain touched her face. We live in Vancouver. She will have to outgrow this phobia quickly.

5. I haven’t had a nightmare about something horrible happening to Csilla since last Monday. The coast is clear for everybody to return to my blog.

6. I think I liked my blog better when I first started writing it and nobody was reading it. I wrote for myself and not an audience. I’m thinking of deleting this one and starting fresh, but I can't because I like the colour scheme too much.

7. I need to stop contradicting myself.

8. I wish I were one of those super-happy-never-complain-always-positive people. I used to be, but I keep slipping into my old complaining habits. I want Laughing Alone in the Dark to be a feel-good blog, and not a Debbie-downer blog.

9. Oprah says (and I’m paraphrasing here) that extreme frustration and disappointments are often your soul struggling to find its purpose. Help me out here, Oprah. I’m tired of struggling to figure out what I’m meant to be doing with my life.

10. This list is too long already.

11. I don't like lists of ten, so I'll add one more.


ciara said...

when i first started, i didn't get many comments either. actually, i never got any. but eventually, if you flitter around other blogs enough, SOMEbody will come read your drivel. lol :)

i'm with csilla...i hate water touching my face. i hate ANYTHING touching my face unless I do it or I LET someone do it. don't touch my face, don't get water on it, don't cough in it, don't blow in it, etc. etc. do i go ape shit if you do and i didn't approve? HELL, yeah.

Maggie May said...

I can't swim so am not confident in water at all. My 2 grandsons are strong swimmers & the little girls are learning.

Kaycie said...

Write for yourself, Carolyn. Ignore us. Unless we comment. The write for yourself anyway.

Corey~living and loving said...

ummmmm....yeah, your posts aren't long....look at mine. eeekkkk....I totally need to knock it the heck off. LOL

I say try to revert back to writing for YOU. I went through a phase I think in November where I started playing to the audience. It worn me out. I'm working my way back to ME.
have a gret day!

Jan said...

Your blogging is great and keeps me coming back for more long or not. It is your blog though so do what you want with it.
The water thing is a true blue fear. She should get over it. I just witnessed a drowning when I was young and actually tried to save them (cousin) to no avail. I have never enjoyed water since. I do like baths and showers though. Yeah.

Kaytabug said...

you will not delete this blog, I will steal the layout!bwahhaha!

My middle son has a fear of water too much the same reaction as your girl, just out of the blue one day he freaked out. He is 5 and still has to hold the washcloth tightly over his eyes to keep the water off. We started that at at 2 years maybe a lil before.

I say write for you. You have to do what is best for you, whatever that is!