Saturday, March 29, 2008

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ped crossing said...

Our house was the darkest one on the block. Does it count if we weren't in it? Before we left we turned off, unplugged and disconnected everything possible so our house had four hours of Earth hour! And we had four families consuming the energy at the home of one. I was a little bummed we got invited out, I was looking forward to board games by candlelight.

And I was going to tell you not to worry about the "bad mommy moments" as I call them. We all have them, working or not. Three can just be a very challenging age, much harder than twos. There is no perfect mother, but lots of great ones. It sounds like you do lots of fun things together and that she loves spending time with you.

And we have been having the crazy weather south of you as well. Come on spring, send winter packing!

CrazyCath said...

Who turned the flaming lights out then?