Thursday, March 20, 2008

the twilight zone of blogger.

Did you know that the posted time that shows for your post is the time you actually began typing the post and not the time you actually hit "publish post"? Which means, oddly enough, that the post before my last post was actually published after my last post but showed up below my last post because I didn't hit "publish post" until after I'd published my last post.

Did you catch all that?

What I'm trying to say is, scroll down, because there's a new post that arrived after the "my tweet" post.


[Edit - Thanks to Ciara for pointing out that you can change the publish post time by expanding the post options while you're creating a post.]


ciara said...

just change the time in post options...but you probably already know that :) i didn't know for a long time that that happened. i think it was r.c.'s blog where i learned how to fix it.

lemonade said...

lol..i got it!! :)

Jan said...

I use to have that happen all the time. I would draft something and then wait for the day I wanted to post it and it was like, where did it go. I will have to zoom down there and check out the before the post that was suppose to be this post.

Jan said...

Your so funny.