Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the upside and the downside.

I'm still marinating on Elizabeth Gilbert's talk, so in the meantime, I thought I'd finish up a post I started writing on Saturday.

Csilla and I explored yet another activity off The Great Two Peas List of Grand Ideas. And without so much as even a hint of a rant, let's just say, it didn't go so well.

Here's what we did, featuring more photos of Csilla's hands:

[Yes, that's shaving cream.]

[Looks like fun, right?]

[And not too terribly messy, right?]

[Right. Fun and not toooooooo messy.]


Well, let's start with the upside. These pictures were taken about five minutes into this activity when Csilla was still having fun.

And the downside?

At about ten minutes into this activity, Csilla's sweet sensitive little hands that are often inflamed with eczema, got extremely itchy. An emergency soak in the bath was the only cure and she cried most of the way through it.

And the upside?

Again, at about five minutes into this activity, the smell of the shaving cream brought back some very fond childhood memories of me snuggling my nose into my dad's freshly shaved neck.

And the downside?

Again, at about ten minutes into this activity, my extremely sensitive sense of smell, combined with Csilla's crying, resulted in giving me a huge headache that lasted for the rest of the day.

Thanks again for another brilliant idea Peas. Not.

Are you all sick of hearing me complain yet? Or does it make you feel better to know there's another mom out there who doesn't always get it right?

I hope it's the latter!

[Edit - I should say that this would have been a really fun activity if not for Csilla's eczema and my sensitive nose. Give it a try for yourself!]


KAREN said...

It's definitely the latter!
I remember dreading this kind of activity to be honest. Mine would always get fed-up five minutes in, after making the most monumental mess for me to clean up. The annoying thing is, that now they can't remember ANY of the things we DID do together anyway, before about the age of nine!! All that cleaning I could have saved myself....sigh.

Jan said...

I love the title on this Carolyn. You really took us on a ride. I am a little dizzy actually. Well I am always that really. That does look super fun for a 3 year old. But sooooooo messy is right. Poor thing itchy burnin. My boys would have had the cream all over their bodies and probably the shavers out as well. At least you tried something different. And you'll never do it again. Eh? Her hands are so cute though. Can't wait for the review on the night out with Liz.

Kaycie said...

That looks really messy. Poor little thing, who would have thought shaving cream would bother her eczema?

krystal said...

That looks FUN!

Is Elizabeth Gilbert a musician, who did a song called "Little Bird"? I think I heard her and her family interviewed on NPR long ago, fell in love, then forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder. I'll google her.

Looking forward to delving into your blog some more.


krystal said...

Okay, duh, Eat Prey Love, totally read the book. Loved it. She seems amazing. So honest.

I was thinking of Elizabeth Mitchell.


Potty Mummy said...

We have the eczema problem too. So maybe not. But it looks like it should be fun.

Potty Mummy said...

PS - we use this really great moisturiser called Cetraben to keep the eczema at bay - if that helps.

Kimberly said...

Mary Kay has a shaving cream for guys with sensitive skin...it's one of the few my eczema prone hubby can use. Sorry it started well but didn't end the same way! It's harder when an activity flops after a short bit of success, isn't it?

Have you heard of the book Unplugged Play? Some nifty ideas in there. =)

And by the way? The latter. Definitely the latter.

Luuurve the scrapbook layouts too!

Teresa said...

We have used this in the kindergarten where I teach to
1. have the kiddos trace letters in the shaving cream
2. get desks cleaned at the same time.
BUT, Having raised a daughter with skin allergies I CAN relate! In middle school she called me from the nurse's office. "mom, my forearms and chin are all red and breaking out in hives!" After sleuthing what did we discover? The rash was from a cleaner with bleach in it. The kids had cleaned the desks with it after lunch. My daughter's forearms had contact with the desks and she is wont to rest her chin in her hands, so there you go! Everything possible in the area of soaps and cleaning products is unscented for us, after that long ago experience.

Corey~living and loving said...

So.......you may or may not be surprised to hear that Sugar Bear has sensitive skin as well, and this has indeed kept me from ever trying this activity. sigh....