Wednesday, March 5, 2008

what a difference a day makes. or, the return of the happy girl. part three.

I woke up this morning after a horrible sleep filled with coughing and terrible sinus congestion, and yet, I actually ended up having a wonderful day.

Not only did my thoughtful husband pop out of bed before me to care for Csilla, but when I finally did get up, I was also greeted by many wonderful emails from all of you regarding my last bitch-fest-angst-filled post.

Thank you so much to everybody who commented on ennui redux. You are all fabulously encouraging. What a tremendously thoughtful bunch. I certainly wish I’d started blogging years ago. I think I would have pulled through some difficult times a lot differently if I had.

I have to admit that yesterday I was in a bit of a funk and may have embellished the direness of my situation a bit.

Isn’t it strange how our focus narrows depending on the attitude we choose to employ?

It’s so easy to see the negative and ignore the positive if we allow ourselves to.

Just this past fall, I did enroll* Csilla in preschool for 2 hours, 2 days a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. This has been a godsend. Not only do I get a much needed four hours a week just to be Carolyn (and not mama), but I’ve also met another incredible mom, Linda, who is in the same boat as me. The camaraderie has been fantastic. I can’t believe at 35 I’ve made a new friend, but it’s true.

Twice a week while Csilla is in preschool I actually get to enjoy spending time with another human being who doesn’t have periodic meltdowns and insist on juice in a sippy cup.

On Mondays, Linda and I grab lunch and a hot chocolate and then take a very brisk walk around the neighbourhood. This little bit of exercise is doing wonders for my physical health (the last few weeks notwithstanding) and I can’t even tell you how fantastic the chit-chat time with Linda has been for my mental health!

On Wednesdays, Linda and I take a yoga class. Normally I love it, but today I had no desire to go. I figured any posture that involved turning my head upside down would result in either a) my head exploding or b) a strange occurrence involving copious amounts of snot.

Interestingly enough, neither one of these two doomsday scenarios occurred. In fact, I felt stronger and more flexible today then I have since we started the classes. Hip hip hooray for me!

After yoga class I even felt energetic and enthusiastic enough to invite Linda and her daughter over for a playdate. Usually I avoid doing such things because I worry about my house being too messy, or I’m just too tired to socialize, or some other such nonsense, but today I decided to go for it.

Glad I did.

It was a beautiful sunny day, so Linda and I enjoyed a lovely chat on the deck while the girls played happily around us. I don’t know why I don’t do this sort of thing more often. It was so uplifting!

I also took matters into my own hands and signed up for a “mommy and me” yoga class with Csilla. It starts next month and I’m already excited. Thanks to Linda for the nudge. I’m sure the four of us are going to have enormous fun.

My point?

What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday I thought my life was painful and exhausting. Today I feel energized and happy.

Although I’d like to say it all boils down to a shift in attitude, I also think a good day depends on a few necessities falling into place. Such as:

1. A husband who takes pity on his wife’s fitful night’s sleep.
2. A child who cooperates and lets mama stay in bed without repeatedly poking her in the eye to wake her up.
3. A city whose sunshine can soothe any soul (when it decides to make an appearance).
4. A new friend who is a wonderful listener and always seems to have a warm smile and shared frustrations.
5. A body that surprises me during yoga class and feels better than it should have.
6. A super delicious sandwich from an awesome deli.
7. A child who cooperates (again) while taking public transit.
8. A computer inbox full of thoughtful comments and words of encouragement.

The return of The Happy Girl continues.

Universe? More days like this please.

*Did you know that enroll can be spelled either with one or two L's? According to various online dictionaries, enroll and enrol are both correct. Strange.


Hillary said...

I'm so glad today was better!

Kaycie said...


Corey~living and loving said...

I have to say...this post made my day. :) You are so blessed, and this wonderful day you had goes to show....that when we are feeling down, there is always something that will eventually bring us back up. :)
good for you!

Kimberly said...

Oh how lovely! I love these sorts of days. They're what keeps me going. They bring hope and happiness and energy. So glad you got one just when you needed it!