Wednesday, March 19, 2008

yippee!! spellnig errors be gone!

For reasons unbenounced unbeknownst* to me, my blogger spellchecker stopped working a long time ago. When it happened, I started writing all my posts in Word and then copying them over to here. What a hassle. (Although the grammar checker has been a nice feature since I suck at using colons and semi-colons.)

(* Edit - Thanks softinthehead and Kaycie, you're right, even though the Blogger spellchecker still doesn't like it.)

I did everything I could think of to fix my blogger spellchecker to no avail.

I even deleted a post about a three pound piece of poop because I thought there might have been a 'bug' in it that was keeping my spellchecker from working (nice bug/poop imagery, Carolyn).

Well. Out of the blue, today, my spellchecker started working again. I have no idea why, but I'm not going to question it. Yippee!!

Although it unfortunately doesn't seem to like the word unbenounced. Apparently there is some agreement on Google that this is not an established word, and according to the Urban Dictionary, unbenounced is for people who can't speak properly. (Edit - As above, thanks softinthehead and Kaycie... the word I was looking for was unbeknownst).

The spellchecker also doesn't work on my title or correctly spelled typos (or comments). Wonk wonk wonk.

On the upside, I saved the poop post elsewhere before I deleted it. If you really want to read a post about a three pound piece of poop let me know, because now that my spellchecker is working I might be willing to re-post it. Before you get too excited, it really isn't very interesting or funny, but there's no accounting for bad taste, so maybe you'll like it.

How about a fun* contest that will serve as a nice ego-stroker for me too? I love multi-tasking and I used to do promotions for a living, so I don't know why I haven't thought of this before.

My record for number of comments on a single post is 17 (for this old post, which as I mentioned previously, was in large part due to me posting comments on my own blog).

If I can get more than 17 comments on this post, then I will re-post the post about the three pound piece of poop. Nice prize, eh? Oh, and Kaycie, it won't count if you comment more than once. I know how much you want to read about poop, but it just won't count.

Goodbye spelling mistakes, hello poop.

* By fun, I mean, fun for me.


Kimberly said...

Whoo. Hoo.

First comment.

Oh yeah.

Kaycie said...

Damn. Now how am I going to amuse myseslf?

Kaycie said...

Hey, the spellchecker doesn't work on comments.

I think the word you were looking for is "unbeknownst".

Carolyn said...

Kaycie - yipeeeeeee. You're right! unbeknownst. How embarassing. I know what it sounded like in my head, but I just couldn't seem to translate that into a real word. Not even with a Google search. Man. You really saved the day. I think I owe you some toffee.

Ooops. And there I go posting comments on my own blog again.

Carolyn said...

Oh wait. Sorry kaycie. It's Jan who likes toffee.

There I go bumping up my comments count again. I guess I really want to post about three pound poops.

ciara said...

three pound poop? should be interesting.


Kaycie said...

I like toffee, too. Is there some kind of toffee club I should know about?

(Are you still not counting my multiple comments?)