Friday, April 4, 2008

cute and funny is the new positive and inspiring.

I think my last positive and inspiring post about a painting elephant was a tad boring, so I thought I'd share some cute and funny stuff with you instead. These are just two of the many cool things I found on SwissMiss today.

First, the cute:

[Aren't these backpacks adorable?]

I can just see that sweet little penguin waddling back and forth on Csilla's back. Love it! If you must have one, they can be found online at Oompa Toys.

And while we're on the subject of toys. I bought Csilla a fun toy called Marble Run yesterday and she loves it. Better yet, I've been enjoying playing with it too. It's actually kept her occupied for more than five minutes at a time. The noise hasn't been great for my headaches, but watching her have fun has.

Second, the funny:

[Csilla! Csilla! Over here! Look this way Csilla!]

Every self respecting kid who is stalked by her own parents needs a paparazzi play set don't you think? With three avid photographers in the family, Csilla constantly has a camera shoved up in her face. She's probably not even sure what her mama really looks like without a lens covering my eyes. You can find these online at If the shipping wasn't almost half the price I would have already ordered a set. Hilarious.


Kaycie said...

That paparazzi play set is funny.

jennifer h said...

My daughter just breezed through and she wants those backpacks. Very cute.

But I'm a bit disturbed by the paparazzi play set!

ped crossing said...

My boys loved the painting elephants. We all agreed they paint better than we do. Love the backpacks.

softinthehead said...

I've been checking swissmiss out too - I can't remember who pointed her out but some interesting and beautiful stuff - she certainly has a good eye.

Retiredandcrazy said...

I think my greatgranddaughters would love the paparazzi play set. Thanks for the suggestion.