Saturday, April 5, 2008

fourteen random thoughts that passed through my mind today.

1. I should really get around to writing that post about The Elizabeth Gilbert Talk.
2. I can't wait to have my haircut today because getting my haircut is so much more fulfilling than struggling to write a post I stupidly enthusiastically promised to write but can't seem to wrap my head around this week.
3. I want to pursue graphic design as a career. I love graphic design, but I don’t want to go back to school just to learn something I can teach myself or already instinctively know. I wonder if anyone will give me work if I give it a shot, even without any formal education.
4. Lego is so much fun. We should have pulled this 35-year-old box of Lego out of the cupboard a long time ago.
5. Would it be stupid to run out and spend hundreds of dollars (that we don’t have) on desktop publishing software so I can follow my passion? Man I wish I was rich.
6. I'm extemely glad I don't have a headache today. It really is easier to get through the day without one.
7. Wouldn’t it be amazing if my friend K needed me to do some graphic design work for her? Is it actually that easy to get what you want? Yes. It seems it is. Just tell someone what you want, and then they offer it to you. Just like that. I hope it happens.
8. I'll take the rain if it keeps the pollen down and ergo, keeps the headaches away.
9. I hope anyone who has ever read my blog understands that it’s extremely difficult to read and keep up with thirty different blogs when you have a headache. I tried to keep up this week, but I’ll do my best to catch up tomorrow. Sorry.
10. Nathaniel did it again. My new haircut is awesome.
11. I am not a slave to my blog. It is more important to have a date with Balazs tonight than to type a post which I mistakenly think hundred of readers all five of you are waiting for with baited breath.
12. Candlelight yoga followed by a movie date is considerably more enjoyable and far more real than isolating and unloving behaviour such as typing alone at the computer.
13. This week felt hectic. I don’t know why, but I was all over the place. A rejuvenating Sunday morning sleep-in will cure that feeling for sure.
14. I’m not superstitious, per say, but I’m not comfortable with lists of thirteen, so I’ll add that Csilla is – dootdoodleedoo - delightful. Especially when she says the word first fouwst.


Kimberly said...

~happy sigh~ Even in the midst of randomosity you're brilliantly entertaining. So happy to have the internet again - wheeeee!

jennifer h said...

14 blissful details...thank you for sharing them.

Enjoy your sleeping-in tomorrow...

ped crossing said...

I hope the Sunday morning sleep-in works out. And I love how three year olds talk.

softinthehead said...

The hundreds of dollars on desktop software will be a write off if you get work - which of course you will - a talented lady like you! We don't mind what you write about, just write. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

If you sent out that story that you wrote the other day - the one that made me nominate you for the best of blogs award - to magazines then you would get some dosh and then be able to buy your software! It would make a terrific short story for young mothers. You dealt brilliantly with a subject that many young mothers would be scared to voice but you ultimately ended with a positive. It is a great story - go on punt it out to a few editors - you can get magazine address details and names online now. You have nothing to loose.

Jan said...

I hope you got your sleep in this morning. Brilliant minds have a hard time shutting down. They are constantly thinking and analyzing things. It is what comes with the creative territory. I think you would be fab at graphic design. I think you would get plenty of interest. Glad you had some time with Balaz and your hairdresser. I am out of sorts today myself. My daughters illness is slightly catching up to me. Take Care and as always, a great list.
PS my boys lived on legos and logs. They played for ever with those type toys vs. all the other things sitting around. Even a box was more exciting than the $100 dollar play toy. Hello little Csilla. My daughter loves the Mack. She couldn't believe how good it was. And she ate the eggs in one sitting. The Peppermint Aero was really yummy too. Thanks Carolyn.

the mother of this lot said...

Can't you have a go at the graphic design with what you've already got? Then if you get any work out of it, you could spend the dosh on the stuff you want.

Kaycie said...

The tree pollen has been making my whole family miserable. We know how you feel and we're dreaming of rain.

I hope you got that extra Sunday morning sleep.