Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day!

Happy Earth Day everybody!

I hope you're all appreciating the precious planet we live on today. Don't forget to recycle, plant trees, conserve water, protect the environment, save wildlife habitats and be good to the earth. Get informed about your government. Find out what they are doing to help or hurt the environment and then let them know how you feel. Get involved! Consume less, enjoy nature more. Down with materialism, up with gratitude!

Enough of the preaching.

Time for me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. Have a great day!


ciara said...

can't really enjoy the earth...wind and all the pollutants are kicking my ass big time. been sick all week from it. asthma in high gear, too.

sounds like you're doing better though :) happy earth day to you!

Carla Marion Peritz said...

Thanks for your post today. It was refreshing to read, especially after being around so many "haters" today. "The earth is fine. No worries here. Plastics are safe and BPA is fine! In fact, I'd like MORE PLEASE!" Ugh!

It's OK to love the planet...but just don't go around talking about it too much...not here in my part of the world, anyway. How sad.

As a wanna-be stay-at-home-mom and hippie-chic-in-a-past-life...now trapped in a big city, career woman's life and body, let me just say this: I love the environment and I don't care who knows!

Heehee...I feel better now. Thanks, fellow earth-lover :>

Jan said...

I cleaned today with all green products and then I washed in cold water and not to many loads. If it would have been warmer, I would have dried them outside. I didn't go anywhere, except to work and back by choice. I have 3 bags to recycle and then I plan on planting some more trees. I am going to have the lights off all evening as well. I have been trying little by little. I want to change some lightbulbs too.
There you have it little miss save the planet you. I like it. Happy Earth Day Carolyn. Hope you enjoyed the sun too. Thats free of use.

ped crossing said...

Every day should be earth day.

And I am so jealous that you had sun. We had rain in varying degrees all day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Kaycie said...

Happy belated Earth Day. I hope you enjoyed the sun.

About your poll: my answer isn't there. I visit every time a new post shows up on bloglines.

Suzanne said...

my little effort to greening my world has been to buy/use those recylce-able shopping bags that are made of some indeterminate material.

that's the good news.

the bad news is that I have to constantly remind myself to actually take them into the grocery store.....so often I remember them only once I'm actually in the store and with a shopping cart.

I have also been slowing switching to green cleaning products througout the house.

I'm afraid all of this doesn't really compensate for the Hummer I'm driving.