Wednesday, April 2, 2008

the headache trifecta and an unexpected rant.

Sorry all, but my analysis of The Elizabeth Gilbert Talk will have to wait yet another day. Unfortunately, for the last five days I've been afflicted with the mother of all headache trifectas:

1. Killer seasonal allergies.
2. Strained upper back muscles.
3. PMS.

(Oh, and there's a actually a fourth cause, but I love the word trifecta, so I'll add number four as a silly little comment in brackets. My headache trifecta was set in motion on Saturday, as you may recall, by an assault of my olfactory senses whilst trying to entertain Csilla with shaving cream.)

This pathetic medical affliction prevents me from creating any coherent thoughts beyond the strength it takes to post 3 sentence comments on your blog. Oh, and write this post.

Sadly, I've pretty much all but given up on providing you with a blow-by-blow reenactment of The Elizabeth Gilbert Talk, but a couple of interesting ideas have certainly floated to the top. I hope I haven't built this up too much (I'm sure I have), but I can't wait to share my opinions with you once I manage to both corral my thoughts and calm my aching head. (Oh, that, and watch the multiple episodes of Dancing with the Stars racking up on our PVR.)

And while I'm rambling, can I please add a request? I feel safe in saying this, because I cannot smell any of you, but please do not wear perfume while reading my blog. I am highly sensitive to perfume.

Actually, you may want to do a favour to the general public at this time of year and not wear any perfume at all. I think I can safely say, on behalf of many seasonal allergy suffers, that the smell of perfume is murder on our sensitive sinuses. On a high pollen count day, I am already 80% certain to have a painful headache by the end of the day. That probability jumps to about 100% if I am exposed to any untoward smell at some point during the day. Perfume is one of those untoward smells for me.

This is the closest I may ever come to being "political" on this blog. I really don't mean to offend anyone who wears or enjoys perfume, but there are many people out there who only need to be subjected to a passing whiff of your scent to be sent into headache purgatory. This is true for me at any time of year, but even more so in the Spring.

I'll stop ranting here. Sorry. I really didn't plan on doing that. If you're interested, I've posted a few facts about the negative qualities of perfume below.

I do wonder if I seem like a hypocrite for being coherent enough to write a rant about perfume and yet I can't seem to focus my thoughts well enough to write something positive and inspirational about Elizabeth Gilbert's talk.


Postive and inspirational. I'll get right on that.


ped crossing said...

I second the motion. I am highly sensitive to smell and perfume is a migraine trigger for me. And sadly it is often stronger than they may think.

Hope the headache is better soon!

Jan said...

Carolyn! I totally get this. I am the same way. I can instantly get a headache and even taste it in my mouth. Just the other day at church, I was sitting by a lady that was covered in a perfume. I was enduring it the best I could and then the pounding came. I had to politely excuse myself and head to the foyer. I felt terrible, but what can you do. For the rest of the day I suffered. It is a real thing and I feel so badly for you. It does go away. But I can't avoid people for the sake of my health, but lately I am wondering myself what to do. Thanks for the post and validation. Your in my thoughts. Peace Out.

aims said...

I am a mirgraine sufferer.

I went two years with a continual migraine and nothing kicked it. Then one day I was searching online and came across - and they have this product called Migraine Defense.

I figured I didn't have anything to lose except a bit of money - so I gave it a try. And bingo - it knocked that migraine on it's ass!!

Now I take it when I feel one coming on instead of everyday like they suggested at first. The everyday certainly did the trick and I am delighted with the results of this natural product.

(and no - I don't work for them - I just really value the product)

Oh! One more thing. They suggested taking melatonin at night to help prevent night migraines which I certainly got all the time - nothing like waking up at 4am with a raging migraine! At least it was always dark out!

Anyway - I take my melatonin every night - and now I just buy it at the drugstore instead of through them. But!! I never get night migraines anymore!

Hooray!! Mostly headache free!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Okay, okay already! I have nominated you for best new blog. I did do it before but god knows where it went. I wouldn't have told you otherwise would I? Good luck and I'll be back for a read when I get some time. Flat out at the moment.

Potty Mummy said...

You know, that's funny. I always used to wear perfume, but since I got pregnant first time and my sense of smell went into overdrive, I really can't bother with it. So no worries. No Issey Miyake here...

the mother of this lot said...

Award over here for you when you feel better!

Charlie Blockhead said...

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Aline said...

I so hope that you will feel better soon. My son's a pollen allergy too and this time of the year is always hard for us all.

Get well soon!!

CrazyCath said...

Don't apologise - very educational! When you don't suffer with allergies (much - mine are VERY mild) then you have no idea how debilitating it can be.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

The Lehners in France said...

Our sense of smell is bizaare. I've had a horse for 9 years, but after 5 years I am now allergic to his moulting. I helped my husband with an operation on a dog with a ruptured spleen and it was the smell that knock me out. The other day we treated a chicken with a ruptured abdomone, the rancid fluid was removed and squirted into a bowl. I was the only female there and no-one else could smell the offending subject. I was told males and females have different senses of smell? The female owner of the chicken later arrived and announced "I told you she smelt bad"