Friday, April 25, 2008

sorry. i'm a narcissist.

Apologies to all. That last post was way too long. I'm such a narcissist! (And a bit of a contrarian too it seems because I've realized that I don't actually dislike memes. I think I just criticized them in pathetic effort to be interesting or rebellious. What is with me?)

The word narcissist reminds me of a funny poem my mom used to say to me sometimes:

I love myself,
I think I'm grand.
When I go to the movies I hold my hand.
I wrap my arm around my waist,
and when I get fresh I slap my face!

I wonder why she always said this to me? Hmmm.


Daryl E said...

There's this woman I know who thinks the whole world revolves around her .. recently we had coffee and I barely got a word in edge-wise .. when I got home I said to Husband: You know what's wrong with HER? She thinks its all about her. Well she's wrong. Its ALL ABOUT ME!

LOL .. I knew I liked you!


Maggie May said...

Blimmen good laugh. Very clever!

Kimberly said...

I remain undaunted! The girls are watching Sesame Street and eating bananas so I have the time. I'm going to read the entirety of it!

Jan said...

It was not narcisstic. Whatever. It was you at your finest. I loved when you declared your favorite and not so favorite questions of the meme. I love the poem.

CrazyCath said...

It was you at your best! I loved it so there! Don't change.
Love your mum's poem.
You are not a narcissist. If you were, you would not care how you looked to us or if we were bothered! You are just wordy - like i am.
I am, as kimberley says, undaunted. I read every single word.

Jennifer H said...

Oh that is funny!

I have a friend who, in the course of a conversation, has said, "Okay, enough about you..." and then launch into a story of her own. She was teasing, of course.

But I'm a little bit like that myself. :-)