Saturday, April 12, 2008

three things i'm loving right now. actually, make that four.

I seem to feel a whole lot better about my posts when I write about gratitude rather than angst and unhappiness, so to that end, I shall now post a lovely list of lovable things that I am loving right now.

1. First off, here is a photo of the dessert I have served myself for the last three nights in a row:

[Delicious Ice Cream!]

Yes, those are fresh strawberries (finally in the stores for less than an arm and a leg) and a yummy chocolate rolled wafer (just like you'd get in a quaint gelato shop in Italy)! How great is this? I keep telling myself that my derriere won't notice the ice cream because of all the hard core* yoga I'm doing right now.

I suppose I'll stop eating this for dessert when either the ice cream runs out or my fabulous ass no longer fits into my magical Lucky Brand Jeans. Whichever comes first. I especially love the bowl my dessert is in. Nana (my mom) bought it at Pier 1. It's so clean and contemporary and white and simple. I just love it!

2. Next up, is Lego. This is a box of 35-year-old Lego that my brother and I played with when we were kids:

[Hours of fun!]

Our dusty, grimy old basket of Lego had been hiding in storage under our staircase for all these years, but we finally hauled it out, cleaned up and gave it a shiny new container last weekend.

The sound of a rustling box of Lego brings back some fond childhood memories. And the best part:

[Can you believe it?]

Original instructions for building cool stuff like this:

[Vroom! Vroom! And the steering wheel actually turns.]

And this:

And this:

[Houston? We have absulutely no problems. This is awesome.]

I've actually had fun sitting on the floor for hours with Csilla making all these fabulous things while she helps me find pieces and plays happily with the space ships and race cars I've built for her. She's not quite advanced enough to make this stuff for herself yet, but there's an interest, so it's only a matter of time.

The most amazing part to me is that we still have some of the teeny, tiny small obscure pieces after all these years. Like these small yellow fence pieces, of which, there were only ever four:

[How those didn't get lost in some couch cushion 35 years ago I'll never know...]

But my favourite part, by far, in the resurrection of our Lego set is this little beauty:


How brilliant is this Lego brochure? I mean, what the heck are these people wearing? Holy crap. It looks like 1974 threw up all over this lovely little Lego family. The David Cassidy hairstyles are awesome! And how about Granny's shoes? That woman is a piece of work. The glasses? The jacket? I could go on all day about how much I love this picture.

But I won't. There's more loving to do.

3. The third thing I'm loving right now (which is actually more like two things in one) is marble art. Csilla and I had been planning to do this ever since we saw it on Mr. Maker a few weeks ago, but it took a great post by Corey to spur me into action. (Actually that and a new awesome salad spinner which provided the perfect sized box for this little project.) Check out the fun we had yesterday:

[Marble + paint + perfectly sized new salad spinner box = fun and easy art!]

Best of all, this activity didn't irritate Csilla's sensitive little hands. All fun, no crying, yippee!

[Csilla's masterpiece!]

4. And finally, the fourth thing I am loving right now, which is part of the marble art activity are Csilla's adorable little hands. When am I not loving that kid's hands? The marble art was especially fun because of the comment that accompanied this photo:

Csilla said, "Look Mama! Yellow and blue makes green!" How cute is that?

Hope everybody is out having fun this weekend. And tell me... What are you loving right now?

* By hard core I mean once a week for an hour.


Maggie May said...

I loved traveling through your pictures!
The lego is gorgeous & I have bought boxes of second hand lego for my grandsons. Had to laugh at the seventies look! I remember it well!
Your desert looked lovely & now I;m hungry!

Tammy said...

Oh I so remember the 70's look!!! Your dessert looks so good! I also love the fact that the strawberries are in.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh it all. yummy dessert. love the legos...wishing we had some. sigh...

oh and the painting. oh how I love the painting.
I have a tip for you, put alittle bit of shampoo or body wash in the paint so that if it gets on her clothes it will come out easier.

CrazyCath said...

That is a great post and I so remember enjoying lego like that! I had a load of that stuff too! Csilla looks like she is having great fun too. Love the lego family.

Btw, you are quite right. How did I not notice? The boomerang award boomeranged right back atcha! How daft am I? NEver mind. You have two now. At least I think of you!!

And will you not leave comments that will bring my blog up to elementary level? I'm trying to stay in kindergarten! I really must try that test to see what it is really...

Thanks for the laugh (at myself! [Duh!]) ;0)

Jennifer H said...

That dessert look delicious.

I'm amazed that you still found the instruction for the Lego! It's very cool that you have that.

Jan said...

Hey there. I am in Spokane at my motel lobby having to check up on you. This post brings back some memories for sure. I love legos. They were my boys life growing up. I had them all over. In my couch, bathtub, under their beds, in the dirt outside, etc. I think one even ate a small piece of lego. I am smiling at the memories of it all. Fun. Csilla will always like doing them. The creations were great. The dessert is to die for. I gained 5 pds. just looking at it. The 70's rule. And I am sticking to that.

Take Care! And blog ya later.

Potty Mummy said...

You kept the instructions. You kept the instructions??? That is one organised mother you had (I'm assuming). And we love Mr Maker too...

Kaycie said...

One of the best parts of visiting my mother's house with the children has always been the toys she drags out that I had totally forgotten. My son was so taken with the Lincoln Logs when he was about Csilla's age that Mama bought him a set of his own for Christmas that year. And Tinkertoys! I'd completely forgotten them. The kids absolute favorite, though, was our Fisher Price farm set, complete with little animals and a silo. You should find out what else your mom kept.

I love Csilla's little hands, too. All my kids have outgrown the chubby, cute hands and feet stage. I miss it.

San said...

1. Ice cream.
2. Legos.
3. Marble art. I first typed Marble HEart. But hey, that works.
4. Your girl's beautiful hands.

No wonder you're counting your blessings, Carolyn.

And I'll add a fifth: 70s clothes and hair are things of the past.

quilly said...

I have a photo album where the people in the pictures are dressed a lot like those on the Lego family brochure.

Mostly I loved the marble art and the fact that your little one is experiencing, experimenting and learning! As a teacher I adore parents like you!

No more dessert photos please, it is hard on my will power.

John-Michael said...

Right now Carolyn, what I am unabashedly loving is YOU! This Person that is "you" just communicated such a natural, comfortable, and genuine spirit of loving and living, that I am swept away! I was in real need of a dose of just that kind of humanity at its finest ... and you filled the bill beyond perfection. I thank you, my Dear!


Kaytabug said...

How cool is that? 70's legos and the instructions from back then!!! That lego family cracks me up! I am so glad I don't wear those knee high socks anymore.

I heart marble art! A couple days ago I was lovin' spring...then we got snow flurries. I'm lovin' my heated house!

the mother of this lot said...

You are a Lego genius.

Aline said...

Aaah, the lego instructions are fantastic, I love stuff like this!
And thanks for the marble paint inspiration, this looks so fun! :)