Tuesday, May 6, 2008

baby hat. updated with a pattern and a contest!

A friend of mine just had a baby boy so I knit up this adorable newborn baby hat... isn't it sweet? I can't wait to meet the little guy tomorrow. I don't know if any of you who read my blog are knitters (Corey? Kim?), but if you're interested in the knitting instructions, leave a comment and I'll type them up.

Have a great day!

There seems to be some interest, so here are the instructions for this hat. It's a very simple pattern, especially if you use circular needles because there's no need to count stitches or turn and purl back or anything like that. It's the only thing I knit because I can do it in front of the television without even paying attention. Jennifer - you said you can only knit Afghans, but I swear this is just as easy. Except for the last six rows as you decrease, there is no counting stitches at all. If you can knit a square, you can do this.


Using 4mm, 40cm (US size 6, 16") circular needles, cast on 56 stitches.

Look here and here for cast on instructions.

Make sure you leave a nice long tail so you can sew it in neatly at the end.

For newborn hats I use the absolute softest yarn I can find. My favourite is the Sirdar Snowflake. This one in particular knits into the striped design automatically.

Make sure the circular needles are no longer than 40cm or the stitches will not reach all the way around the needle!

For 12 month size, cast on 64 sts. For 2-year-old size, cast on 72 sts. Then 80 sts, 88 sts, 96 sts and 109 sts for each size after that.

Once you have cast on 56 stitches, begin knitting around your circular needles.

Before knitting the first stitch, be absolutely sure that your cast on row is not twisted. If you have a twist on circular needles you will get about 3 or 4 rows along before you realize your mistake and you will have to pull it all off.

Keep knitting continuously on the circular needles until your work measures 130cm (5 inches).

For larger sizes, knit 6-10 inches.

When your work measures 130cm (5 inches), begin your decrease.

This is the only challenging part of this pattern - and it's not too difficult.

Start decrease by Knitting 6, then Knitting 2 Together. Do this until end of "row".

Go here for Knit 2 together instructions. I put a safety pin at my starting point so I know when I've done one full loop of the circular needles, or one "row".

Continue decrease by Knitting 5, then Knitting 2 Together for one "row" (to the safety pin). Then Knit 4, Knit 2 Together for one row.

It this point there will be too few stitches to reach all the way around your circular needles, so you will need to switch onto 4 double pointed needles (still 4mm). For me, knitting with double pointed needles is very awkward, but you only need to do 4 very short rows like this, so grin and bear it!

On this row, Knit 3, Knit 2 Together while switching onto the double pointed needles.

Make sure your stitches are tight enough that your double pointed needles don't just slide right out!

Continue decreasing, Knit 2, Knit 2 Together for one row. Then Knit 1, Knit 2 Together until you have only 6 stitches left in total.

At this point, you can completely decrease until you have cast off all your stitches, or you can make the cute little pointy bit on top of the hat as follows:

With 6 stitches on one double pointed needle, push your stitches to the other end of the needles and pull your yarn across the backside of your knitting to make a stitch.

I'm not a proficient knitter, so I don't know how to describe it better than this. Sorry!!

Let me try to explain it this way... if you are holding the needle with the stitches on it and the tail of yarn that's attached to the ball of yarn is on the right end of your stitches, turn that needle over so the tail of yarn is now on your left. Now, you're still going to knit the next row by sticking your other needle into the stitch on the right, but the tail of yarn will be pulled across the back of all six stitches to make the next stitch. Pull it quite tight. What this does is twists all six stitches to create a small tube like I've made at the top of the hat.

Keep knitting all six stitches this way until the tube of stitches is about 1 inch long. Knit a row, turn over your knitting, push the stitches to the other end and pull the tail across the back of the stitches to knit your next row. Maybe I'll try to take some photos if this makes no sense. Let me know if you don't get it and I'll post a better explanation.

Anyway, once you have about a 1 inch tube, decrease the 6 stitches by Knitting 2 Together until you have only 3 stitches, then Knit 2 Together and cast the last stitch off.

Leave a long tail when you cut your yarn. I use a sewing needle to sew the original yarn from the bottom of the hat up to the top and sew the top yarn down the tube. Where the two meet I knot them together and sew them into the tube so there are no loose ends.

That's it! I hope that makes sense. I've never written knitting instructions before. If you're a beginner knitter, or interested in learning, I highly recommend the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference book. It's got clear photos and excellent instructions.


Does anybody recognize the girl in the photo on this page? I laughed out loud when I saw it. I will mail your favourite chocolate bar (if available in Canada) to the person who correctly identifies her. You don't have to know her name, just where you might have seen her. If you remember her name, I'll send you two chocolate bars. I'll use a random.org to pick the winner.

What the heck, I'll also send a chocolate bar five chocolate bars to the first person who knits up this pattern and posts it on their blog.

Have a great day!


softinthehead said...

very cute indeed, I want those instructions please and thank you. Looks like a likely project to get back to knitting on and we have one or two bumps appearing around here!

:-Daryl said...

Adorable ... I heart baby hats/caps ...did you use a circular needle? I used to knit .. made lots and lots o'sweaters and LOVED circular needles.


Jan said...

You what?? I can't believe the talent that flows out of you. No fair. That hat is adorable. I wish I knew how to knit. Tell us how you did it as in the type of knitting needle and so forth. I love to receive homemade items and this would be a treasure for sure. I am very impressed.

Tammy said...


Kimberly said...

That is so precious! I really need to learn how to knit. So far all I've got under my belt is basic crochet. =) You're so talented!

ped crossing said...

That is truly adorable. Learning to knit is on my to do list.

Corey~living and loving said...

cute cute cute. I think I have made that pattern before. circular needle, then the top done with four pointed needles?
love it.

Jen said...

That hat is PRECIOUS!!! I adore it!! Too bad even if you posted the instructions, I still couldn't make it. I'm SO not crafty or domesticated, DARN IT! Anyways, if you ever decide to sell them, I'll be your first customer :)

Jennifer H said...

That hat is very sweet. I do knit, but I mess up anything that's not an afghan.

Maggie May said...

I do love knitting but doubt that I will need a baby hat!
I find arthritis stops me from knitting more than half an hour at a time, which is very annoying!
Your hat looks quite professional! Hope you had a good time with the little man!

Jan said...

I know its you!!

Tammy said...

Well, it sure isn't me...too thin!!!

softinthehead said...

She does look very familiar, its going to bug me now. Thanks for the instructions - will read closely once I have my wool. :)