Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i'm almost famous.

Hey all. Total frustration. I've strained my back and haven't been able to do much blogging fun lately. It's so annoying. I love visiting with everybody on their blogs and really miss it when I can't spend time at the computer writing and socializing.

I must head to bed and rest but I wanted to write a quick post to tell you about something fun that happened this week. My friend Buzz from The Blog According to Buzz interviewed me for an article he wrote about Mommy Bloggers for a local daily newspaper. Buzz and I worked together when I did radio promotions. He's a radio DJ, but he also writes for 24 Hours. I was extremely flattered and very excited that he even asked me. Especially since I'm so relatively new to blogging.

Anyway. You rawk Buzz. Thanks for making my week. The last time I was quoted in a newspaper was when I won two gold medals at the Canada Summer Games almost twenty years ago. I was actually misquoted, but that's another story...

Buzz asked me to be brief in my answers because he was only going to use one or two of my quotes in his article, but who was he kidding. Me? Brief? Bwwahahahaha!

Just for fun, I thought I'd post the entirety of what I wrote for Buzz, and then you can laugh at me when you read the final article and how much of this actually made the cut. No disrespect to Buzz. I'm thrilled with how much of me actually made it in, but you can laugh at my enthusiasm and verbosity. As I was writing, I pretended like I was giving Buzz lots to work with instead of too much. (Right... you keep telling yourself that Carolyn).

First, the interview and then the link to the final article:


Are you a mommyblogger?

Sure. I’m a mommy and I blog, but apparently there are some negative connotations associated with the term mommyblogger which I do not subscribe to or understand. I don’t even know how to address the negativity except to say that there are some amazing writers out there who happen to be mommybloggers and they are worth reading even if you don’t have kids. You can always skip the posts about poopy diapers and potty training. Nobody wants to read those. Not even mommies.

What's your blog about?

I write about anything random that passes through my head from the perspective of a bored stay-at-home-mom. I don’t always find being a mom easy, so I often write about my struggles to be content with the choice we made to have a child. Some days I write gushing posts about how much I love our daughter and other days I write about my desire to break free from it all. Besides all of the mommy-related angst, I’ve written a few posts about travel. I used to work on a cruise ship, so I have a lot to say about all the places I have been. I haven’t written much about this lately, but I really should because I have a lot to share. I’m also a budding photographer, so I’ve started posting a few of my photos too. They’re average, but I love getting positive feedback from both of my loyal readers. When I have nothing important to say I write about Oprah and cheese.

Have you met, networked, been inspired by any blog/bloggers?

Before I started my blog I’d read maybe two or three blogs in my entire life. I had no idea there was such a huge community of like-minded people for me to connect with. I’m constantly inspired by other bloggers, particularly when I’m struggling with a frustration in my life and I write about it on my blog. The comments and support I am showered with truly uplifts my spirit. Blogging it out is incredibly rewarding and a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy.

What does blogging do for you?

As I touched on above, blogging provides me with some excellent emotional support. I can honestly say that I am much more content with my stay-at-home-mom status since starting my blog. Through connecting with other moms I have discovered I am not alone in my feelings and I have the support of others who can relate to what I am going through. Being a mom is certainly not the worst hardship a person can face, but it can be extremely challenging and isolating at times. Blogging allows me to get in touch with the outside world when I am stranded at home on a rainy day with a bored preschooler who is trying to suck the life out of me. I also use my blog as a tool for recording the fleeting moments of our daughter’s life. Without it, this stage of her life would probably be passing me by in a blur. Blogging gives me a reason to stop and take notice of the funny and interesting aspects of being a mom. No matter how mundane it may seem, if you’re looking for the positive there’s always something to appreciate. Blogging inspires me to seek out the good stuff in life so that, at the very least, I have something great to post about!

What's your take on kathie lee's line of questioning of dooce on the today show?

Heather Armstrong is, among other wonderful things, a wickedly funny and irreverent online writer. Kathie Lee is an idiotic dinosaur. ‘Nuff said.

You both [Angella and I] talk a lot about your kids on the blogs and post photos, any reservations on that?

I love writing about our daughter as a way of recording her life and the blog format works really well for me. Before I started blogging I was collecting tidbits of conversations and snippets of her days on slips of paper that I kept in a box. Sometimes I would forget to write the dates on the papers, sometimes I would loose a slip of paper, or sometimes my notes on the pages were so archaic or poorly scribbled that when it came time to revisit the information I had no idea what it meant. Blogging seemed like a good solution to this problem. I still have some reservations about writing about our daughter, but I try not to let my fears rule me. The super magnificent awesome Angella (dutchblitz) posts photos of her kids on her blog, but I choose not to. I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I sometimes post photos of our daughter’s hands doing crafts but that’s as far as I’ll go. She has incredibly sweet hands.

Any off limit subjects?

As I said above, I don’t post photos of our daughter. I also choose not to write negative things about people in my life. I don’t always have a perfect relationship with my husband or my mother, but I don’t write about these things because I have too much respect to insult them by airing our dirty laundry for the world to read. If I write something negative, it’s about me and my own issues.

Are you getting rich off your blog?

If, by rich, you mean I’ve connected with some wonderful people from around the globe who, without my blog I would never have had the chance to meet and be praised and supported by? Then yes, I’m getting rich off my blog. But if, by rich, you mean am I earning lots of beautiful, useful, crisp cash-money? Then unfortunately, sadly and pathetically the answer is no. I don’t advertise on my blog, but if Lucky Brand Jeans wants to pay me for all the links I’ve posted they should give me a call. I often write about how fabulous their product makes my derrière look. That dude from Dyson with the British accent owes me a few bucks as well. I’ve also been thinking about setting up a PayPal account so people can donate to my yearly trip to Hawaii fund. I’d even be willing to run free ads for the Hawaiian Tourism Board in exchange for a plane ticket to Kauai and free accommodations if they asked. I’d sell out for some sunshine in a heartbeat.

Thanks Buzz! This was fun.


Now go read the article on Page 12. Click here to reach it. It's a PDF, so it won't work if you don't have a PDF reader. You can always read it on Buzz's blog if the PDF doesn't work for you. Be sure to pop over here and say hi to Buzz anyway. And thank him for making your good buddy Carolyn feel so cool this week!


Jennifer H said...

I'm screaming a little bit for you! Yay! I've now read all the links, and this is so cool. I hope you get a ton of traffic from the article. I left a comment on Buzz's site, too.

I'm going to need more information about these gold medals, though. What sport? And why don't we know about this yet? :-)

Nervus Rex said...

YAYAYAY!! That *was* fun. I'm so glad that you posted the original interview so that we got the whole story, lol.



menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Absolutely fantastic! I read the interview and left a glowing comment! Well done you supremely articulate woman.

softinthehead said...

Great stuff Carolyn. See we are all paying attention. Time for me to go vote. PS: How can you tell how you are doing in the polls?

Kaycie said...

Excellent! I think I would have known it was you without the reference to your blog. Buzz used quotes that are so "you".

Daryl said...

I am going to scan the article and post it over at my place w/a link back to you later this morning.


Tammy said...

I love the fact that you had so many wonderful things to say and that we were able to read both sides. I am so excited for you!!!

Jan said...

I am jumping up and down and now I need to come rest with you. Are you doing okay? What happened? I hope you get better quickly for sure.

This is so fantastic. I am very excited for you. I think it will be a great article for women who may find themselves in a funk and say, hey this might be something that could add some spice to my life and still stay home and take care of the kids.

You did a really good job too in the things that you expressed. That is what I love about you. Open and real.

Olympics? So darn curious. Please get better and I will be thinking about you..

Angella said...

"super magnificent awesome"?

YOU ARE TOO KIND. Also? I think I need to make a t-shirt with that on it.

You made my day. Just like the article made my day yesterday. I feel almost famous too :)

Next time I'm at the Coast we need to meet. Seriously.

Also. I, too, am curious about those gold medals.

Jen said...

Wow Carolyn, HOW FUN and exciting for you! I'm doing a little dance right now. I loved reading the entire interview. It's funny as I didn't really focus much on what you had said regarding getting paid to blog, etc and then that was more of his focus. It was ALL a fantastic read, AS ALWAYS!!

As for your back, what did you do? I'm so sorry that you are in pain and I'm sending WELL wishes your way right now!

And two gold medals? Um, you gotta elaborate more than that. . . and yes, I'm at the edge of my seat waiting to hear more :)

Jan said...

Read the article and loved it. Rise up and call her blessed for sure.. I felt a uniting power of mothers in your words. Tickle me pink..

MamaGeek said...

Kathie Lee is an idiotic dinosaur indeed.

This was so fun! L-O-V-E-D the article!

Maggie May said...

Wow! You are certainly famous to get that mention! Well done! You must have tweaked your back with the shock of it! I know I would!
Hope you feel better soon!

Corey~living and loving said...

woo hooo for you. YOu rocked it. :) I'm so pleased for you.

oh and do medals. rock on with your bad self.

oh and take good care of you...I'm sorry you are hurting. hugs.

Kimberly said...

Fabulous interview, Carolyn! So excited for you to get your moment in the spotlight (muchly deserved)!

GoneBackSouth said...

Good stuff, that. Hope your back feels better soon.