Wednesday, May 28, 2008

just checkin' in.

Hey all. You may or may not have noticed my absence, but I'd like to take a quick moment to apologize. You see, I've been burning the candle at both ends for the last few months and it's finally caught up with me a little. I've been completely exhausted lately and I feel the need to sloooooow down. (And for those of you who might read exhausted and think pregnant, no, I'm not pregnant.)

I won't further burn the candle by writing some ridiculously long post explaining all the various miscellaneous reasons for my absence and subsequent exhaustion. Instead, I'll stop here and say I miss you all, and thanks for all your comments on my last few posts (especially about my photography, which makes me feel wonderful and about my back, which is feeling much better thank you), and sorry I haven't been stopping by your blogs like I normally do and see you all soon. Maybe I'll do some blogging catching up tomorrow, or maybe I'll take a nap. We'll see which feels more important when two o'clock rolls around and I'm feeling sleepy. Okay? Awesome.


Jennifer H said...

We'll be waiting, and tapping our toes only a little bit. :-)

Feel better, and get some rest.

Jan said...

Sweet dreams and I hope you find the energy that awaits you soon..

I hate those 2 sided candles. They burn way to quickly. Take a nap and eat plenty of stale rice cakes.

Csilla is something else. That girl of yours. Take Care Carolyn..

Jen said...

Oh take care Carolyn! Get all the rest you need! I'm exhausted myself and was coming over to comment and apologize for not being around. It's almost 3 am and I'm still up working working working. . . I'm just done! I won't go on and on about everything, but know that I've been thinking of you and hope you get your energy back soon and that your back feels better than it has!

Kaycie said...

Rest as much as you need to feel refreshed. We'll be here when you wake up.

Tammy said...

Everyone hits the wall eventually. I think i hit mine this morning when I climbed out of bed more tired than when I went to bed...not a good concept. Enjoy your nap. Saw a few logs for me, will you?

Daryl said...

Waiting ... as patiently as I can, not known for my patience ... not enjoying the bus ride as much ... I am SO good at guilting, arent I?

Feel better SOON


Corey~living and loving said...

I have noticed....and I have missed you.
I do hope things are well, and you get some great rest. :)

Kimberly said...

First priority should always be you, second your family, and somewhere after that comes blogging. =)

I have been missing you actually!

I try to blog just every other day now. It's helped immensely. Slowing down? It is gooood.