Sunday, May 11, 2008

me? good.

Today was Mother's Day and it was wonderful. The wonderfulness of it actually started yesterday when Balazs took Csilla out to the store - which was a complete bonus in and of itself. When they got home, Csilla was very excited. Apparently they had purchased a Mother's Day gift for me because Csilla could not contain herself and spilled the beans shortly after walking in the door. Before her shoes were even off, a wiggly giggling Csilla was jumping up and down in excitement and blurted out:

"Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! We bought you a present! We bought you a present!"

And just as she was about to open her mouth and tell me what it was, I stopped her to ask if maybe it was a secret? That maybe Daddy didn't want her to tell me right away? Perhaps? To which she replied:

"Yes Mama. Yes. It's (whispers) a secret. I'm not supposed to tell you (yells) we bought ICE CREAM!!!"

This kid is too funny. She then proceeded to run around the house yelling ice cream ice cream ice cream ice cream until she got dizzy and fell down. Our daughter, if you didn't already know, loves ice cream. Loves it. If you'll all remember this, I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Moments after Csilla's ice cream announcement, Balazs walked in from the garage and commented on my Mother's Day gift and how hilarious it was that Csilla just couldn't keep the ice cream a secret. We both know she's only three, so her lack of secret keeping abilities is not a surprise, but what we find so funny is her single-mindedness when it comes to treats.

Around here we call it Six Degrees of Treats. Csilla will always find the shortest route in any conversation to have the discussion end in treats. Always.

I'll give you an example. The other day Csilla and I made banana bread together. It's a relatively wholesome snack (the way I make it), but she considers it a treat because I sprinkle a handful of chocolate chips into the mix. When it's on the counter, she'll do anything to get more than her fair share of slices and it usually remains her focus for the day (or two) until it has all been eaten. Anything she can do to position herself on the receiving end of a slice is ultimately her goal.

On this particular day, with a partially eaten loaf of banana bread on the counter, Csilla lost one of her precious stuffed friends (see sidebar for an example) and when questioned as to it's whereabouts, Csilla immediately answered as follows: "Well... um... I think I last saaaaw her... um... Mama? I think it was when we were making banana bread?"

Notice she responded in the form of a question. She wasn't telling me where she thought her stuffed friend was, she was asking me for another piece of banana bread. I've met her before. I know her code. Merely mentioning the banana bread, regardless of its context, is code for "I want some".

Csilla's Six Degrees of Treats will pop up at the strangest times too. We could be talking about pebbles in the garden and somehow Csilla will find a way to say, in a very explanatory manner like a professor teaching a class, "Don't you think pebbles are very round and smooth? Their shape is very round and smooth. And if they were smaller. Say, just very tiny tiny tiny, then they would be just like M&Ms, wouldn't they Mama?"

Again, the mere mention of M&Ms, in any context, is code for "I want some". I know this kid. I've met her before.

Sometimes Csilla's Six Degrees of Treats will be disguised as extremely courteous behaviour. To the uninitiated, it might even seem very selfless and kind, but I know better.

Yesterday Uncle Gordie and Auntie Janny came over for dinner. They brought with them a bag of Bits & Bites; a treat we never buy and therefore Csilla has never experienced. Before dinner, Uncle Gordie shared a few with her. Of course, Csilla loved them. The only thing as powerful as Csilla's sweet tooth is her penchant for salt. She was permitted a few nibbles of Bits & Bites before dinner, but when dinner was served, the Bits & Bites were put to the side, yet still within Csilla's view.

When Daddy arrived at the dinner table, Csilla very kindly and graciously and politely asked Daddy, "Would you like some Bits & Bites, Daddy?" To which he quickly replied, "No thanks, we're about to eat dinner."

Seeing she was getting nowhere with him, Csilla quickly turned and asked me if I would like some. But, like I said, I've met this kid before. I looked at Csilla and said, "I think what you're really asking is if you can have some, right?"

Sheepishly she looked at me and nodded.

"We don't eat Bits & Bites for dinner honey, but good try," I said and blew her a kiss. Poor kid. A mama who won't let her eat crap instead of her dinner. Auntie Janny had a good laugh at this because apparently Csilla had offered her numerous servings of Bits & Bites without Janny cluing in to Csilla's ulterior motives. Oh, and in case you're keeping score, Csilla has tried this generosity trick before.

But I completely and totally digress. I was writing about my Mother's Day, wasn't I?

Before I started writing about Csilla's Six Degrees of Treats I was talking about Mother's Day and ice cream. The wonderfulness started yesterday when my husband and delightful daughter brought some super-deluxe-expensive-organic-vanilla-chocolate-chip ice cream home for me as a Mother's Day gift, complete with a juicy box of beautiful ripe organic strawberries that smelled heavenly.

Balazs told me he considered bringing home flowers, but figured I'd appreciate the ice cream more. He was right. Apparently, he has met me before!

(And in case your mouth didn't water enough the first time I linked this post, I'll remind you. I love ice cream and strawberries. See here? Hmmmm. Maybe Balazs reads my blog after all...)

Anyway, despite the fact that it was not yet Mother's Day, Csilla twisted my rubber arm and I served up a couple of bowls of ice cream, which we enjoyed together, all while giving each other giggly goopy ice creamy smooches. I must say. That kid gets more and more delightful every day. She's getting seriously cute. I almost can't stand it.

This morning, as with most Sunday mornings, Balazs got up with Csilla and I was permitted to sleep in until I couldn't sleep any more. Brilliant and perfect. I couldn't ask for a better start to my day.

My afternoon was spent hanging out on our sunny deck where I was permitted to read a book for almost the entire afternoon without having attend to any of Csilla's needs. It was outrageously decadent. Balazs looked after everything. That guy deserves a gold star.

In the late afternoon, my mom and I hung out in her kitchen while I finished knitting another adorable baby hat for a friend and my mom cooked one of my favourite meals. (I know, it was her Mother's Day too so she shouldn't have been cooking, but my mom loves to cook a nice meal so long as she has company while she's doing it. We had a lovely time talking about her recent trip to France while she sliced and diced. My mom is an awesome cook and the meal was divine.)

The rest of my Mother's Day was spent getting Csilla to bed and a little bit of blogging. All in all, a wonderful day.

How about you? Did you have a nice day? Mother's or otherwise? Hope so!


Kaycie said...

Sounds lovely. I love the fact that you got ice cream for Mother's Day. And what a luxury to read most of the day with a preschooler at home!

My children very secretly (not) went to the store on Saturday night. Hubby got up with the dogs on Sunday morning (highly unusual) so that I could sleep in. Until almost 10am. Heavenly.

The children gave me my presents (three new music CDs and a DVD boxed set of a favorite tv show, "Joan of Arcadia"). The children made me breakfast and did a passable job of not asking me to do things for them.

I spent the afternoon out in the glorious weather pulling up dead and otherwise ugly shrubs and preparing my new landscaping bed.

I did no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning and no children's bidding. It was perfectly wonderful.

Corey~living and loving said...

Love this post. the "six degrees of treats" kills me. I have one of those characters in my house too. sooooo cute. I could just sqeeze these three year old so tight their heads might pop off. ooops.

Love ice cream......LOVE IT! need some now....thanks.

oh and your mother's day sounded wonderful. I was home alone with just my Sugar, and as you know...she was a bit needy. We have colds, and She had some constipation issues...sigh....BUT....BUT....I got lots of snuggles in, we stayed in our jammies all day, and that was wonderful. :)

Nervus Rex said...

Very Sweet post! Csilla sounds adorable and wise beyond her years! :)

MamaGeek said...

Now THAT sounds lovely. I adore that 6 degrees of treats, I totally get that - only I'm always at 3 degrees myself!

Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

Jan said...

Csilla is a doll. That girl knows what she likes and you of course.
I love the fact that she told you the secret. Mattie made me open my present Friday, because she couldn't stand it either. I am the same way though. I would have Christmas on the 23rd if Ed would let me.

Your day sounds perfect.Ice Cream is perfect. I never tire of that creamy goodness either. We had pie. Mostly for my mom. She loves pie. Ed did the cooking too. It was delish. His grilled chicken is tops. I am posting my goods today sometime. I had a few surprised unlike you ;)

I emailed you too. Loved yours. Your heart is way big.

What book were you reading? And do tell us about France. And share a recipe or 2 from your moms expertise in cooking. Have a great week and give Csilla and brown bunny a hug.

Kimberly said...

Csilla is so brilliant! I feel like cheering her on, but it doesn't sound like she needs any encouragement.

I wish she'd give Emma lessons. Much nicer than the directly demand approach that she's adopted.

Jennifer H said...

Sounds like your whole day (weekend, actually) was yummy!

Jules said...

I had a lovely day. And I think your little one must be related to my boys, especially my oldest one. Anything with sugar should be make into a major food group in my boy's eyes', "cause it certainly gets a lot of attentions at my house. LOL

Aline said...

It sounds like perfect day! I had a great day too, though we spend most of the time working in our garden. But it was great to be outside. :)
Have a wonderful week!

philos said...

Haha... I think Csilla's just a perfect little darling, she's so cute! If I'm her godfather, I'd bring sweets over all the time just to see her do that Six Degrees of Treats bit, course that wouldn't be good, but you're a good mommy anyway, and you seem to be able to handle her very well. Happy Mom's Day to you! :)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That sounds like a pretty much perfect day. And The Six Degrees of Treats had me howling. She's my kind of girl.

Daryl said...

I dont know how I missed this post before but I loved it. I love love love vanilla ice cream .. especially with fresh blueberries ... its been my dinner many times during summer months .. I now am craving both banana bread, ice cream and M&Ms



Jen said...

Oh what a sweet Mother's Day. I do have to say though that your Csilla and my Kya would be the best of friends. Kya does ANYTHING to get treats involved, including the question asking, etc. TOTALLY CRACKS ME UP! I loved this post and I love that you have a sweet and wonderful hubby who made your day perfect!! You deserve it!!

I'll be posting about my Mother's Day as soon as I get the chance. I have a sick baby, so I'm a bit behind :(

GoneBackSouth said...

I love it how kids can't keep secrets. They think about not saying anything, then just have to blurt it right out loud. Brilliant.