Tuesday, May 13, 2008

more csilla goodness.

In light of my goal of recording more "scrapbookable moments" on my blog, here's another quick post featuring more tidbits of Csilla goodness. Most of this is probably only funny or cute to me, but what the heck:

It took us a while, but I have finally figured out why everything is a "Loaf" to Csilla. In the last month she has asked for a Loaf of Salad Dressing, a Loaf of Toilet Paper, a Loaf of Milk and a Loaf of Strawberries. When she finally said something about her toys and how she had a whole "Loaf" of these, I figured out that what she'd meant to say all along was "Load". Although I'm a bit frightened as to why she needs a "Load of Toilet Paper". Er, Csilla? We need to talk. And despite figuring out that Loaf=Load, I'm not quite sure what she meant when she asked me to "Loaf Up" her socks while I was folding laundry. Weird.

Something else that falls under the word substitution heading for Csilla is Of=If. Balazs and I just love it when she says sentences like this: "Of you need my help, I'll be in my bedroom" or, "I love ice cream, but only of it's chocolate." Balazs and I think it's so cute that we've started copying her on this one. It's going to be a little awkward when a stranger overhears us at the grocery store saying, "Honey, of you need me, I'll be grabbing some ice cream" and the other replies, "Okay. I love ice cream, but only of it's chocolate." Silly us.

Something else? Today I gave Csilla one of our old computer keyboards to play with in her bedroom. She wanted to pretend she was at the office like daddy. While she was playing, I passed by her room while doing some housework eating bon-bons and I could see that she was pulling the keys off the keyboard. I didn't care because it's old and useless, but she obviously thought she was doing something wrong, because she jumped right up after I passed and slammed her door shut. Already this kid is learning to hide her crimes. Great.

And one more thing. Csilla has a problem with Balazs and I showing affection for one another. She hates it when we kiss or hug. This is either because she doesn't like to be left out (and of course we always welcome a family hug so she can join in any time) or she hates to share Mama. She thinks she's the only one who is allowed to hug and kiss me. So the other night when Balazs walked up to me at the dinner table and leaned over to give me a kiss on the shoulder, Csilla blurted out, very loudly, "Kiss your own body daddy!"

That kid is too funny.

ps - Can you tell Nana is home today? I'm having a little blogging frenzy!


Kaycie said...


All of our kids hated for us to show affection, too. When they were little, they wanted in the middle of it. Now that they're bigger, it just grosses them out. Hubby kisses me in front of them every chance he gets. He's evil like that.

Kimberly said...

Hee hee! That's adorable! Had to read that last bit out to Neil because it made me laugh out loud!

Jennifer H said...

That's so funny!

And now I have a loaf of blogs to read...

Jan said...

She is getting cuter and cuter and funnier and funnier. Of she only knew huh...

Could she have gotten it from a loaf of bread? Or Balazs, stop being a loaf? Did she hear that one maybe to many times. Or do you guys say I loaf you so much to the moon and back maybe?

My oldest son use to say "bravo" whenever he saw Ed and I kiss and hug. I thought it was cute and meant something like-you guys love each other and it makes me happy. But probably more like a- bravo you don't hate each other. I always try to think positive.

But Csilla wants to have you all to herself and yes Balazs, go kiss your own body. Why not. Love it all girlie.

Maggie May said...

Funny how a whole houseful of people end up speaking baby talk! It happens with us too!
My grand kids don't like their daddy to be kissed by any one else. They have fighting matches over him.
Also if I dance & sing about the house, they look quite shocked & tell me to stop. If younger people do it, they join in! I think they like me to act my age. Whatever that is!

Jen said...

Too too funny! I would write something more intuitive/creative (or not), but it's almost 3 am and I was ready to be asleep hours ago.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

She's a hoot. Although the hiding crimes thing would worry me a bit.

Of you're missing a carton of ice cream you should maybe look under her bed.

Daryl said...

Ah .. the malaprops .. my sister called the elevator the alligator .. but that was as far as her cute went.

Of you need me, I'll be loafing the other blogs ... but I dont plan on kissing my own body til later


ped crossing said...

I love the things kids do and say. Three is such an entertaining age.

ciara said...

your daughter has been saying some funny and cute things...i wish i could even REMEMBER what any of my kids said/did at that age. the younger two are 11 & 9. i feel bad for not remembering :(

i think that there's a mother-child bond that's stronger than those with a father. every once in awhile, my girls get where they don't want to share me...not even with each other!

btw be on the look out for photos of 'craptastic' stuff...just not the current ones because they have their photos on them.

aims said...

Hey!! I voted for you! I didn't know you were nominated - and jumped at the little dot when I saw your blog. Hooray!! Good for you! and - good luck! I want you to win!

Millennium Housewife said...

Grossing the kids out is the thought that keeps us going in the early years, all those plans to embarrass them when they're older get you through the worst bits in the supermarket. Husband can't wait until Isla's 18th birthday when we plan to sit outside her bedroom door at 5am and cry very loudly for an hour, just for the hell of it. Loving the bolg MH

Corey~living and loving said...

love it all. the last one especially. :)
oh and I am getting caught up....was away from computer yesterday. I voted for you. :)