Wednesday, May 7, 2008

mother's day what not to do.

One of my favourite bloggers - Jennifer at Thursday Drive - just wrote a great post about questionable Mother's Day gifts. In her comments I said I had nothing to add, but actually I do. Big surprise.

It's about my own questionable Mother's Day gift. A little head scratcher if you will.

Last week at preschool Csilla made a Mother's Day art project which was "dry" and ready to give to me today. Guess what it was?

A bunch of crepe paper flowers? No.
A construction paper card? No.
Some other random fugly pretty art project meant to imply love or admiration?

Nope. Her gift was none of these perfectly acceptable, albeit lame, things.

Csilla presented me today with a painted wooden spatula. You know, the sort of utensil you would use to flip pancakes in the kitchen? Now what-the-H is that supposed to imply?

Get thee into the kitchen mama!

It's Mother's Day and that's where you belong. Huh? I'm not too clear on the thinking here. When you think of Mother's Day, you're supposed to think of the kitchen? Sad.

Check out this craptastic masterpiece from Csilla:

What an awesome present. My mom took one look at it then laughed at me and muttered under her breath, "Lucky you. Ten more years of stuff like this." Guffaw smirk smirk. Payback time was written all over her face.

And then we both turned towards Csilla and smiled gleefully, showering her in praise for such a lovely gift. The only redeeming part about the wooden spatula was the little piece of paper attached to the handle which read:

"I'll love you forever
I'll like you for always
Now and forever
My mommy you'll be."

Thanks for the sentiment teachers! For those of you who don't know these lines, it's a take on the main lines from the Robert Munsch book Love You Forever, which I challenge anyone with a pulse to read without crying. Listen to it here and tell me you don't choke up.

All that weepiness aside, Csilla said it best when she came into the den holding her dear sweet Mother's Day wooden spatula and exclaimed,

"What can we do with this boring old spoon?"

Is my kid a genius or what?


david mcmahon said...

May I borrow the spatula? I'll make the pancakes while you put ya feet up. Maple syrup with 'em?

Jennifer H said...

Csilla's a genius.

I wonder what they'll make for Father's Day. I'm guessing it won't have anything to do with the kitchen.

Thanks for the link love!

Jennifer H said...

Hey, no fair. David offered to make you pancakes?

Now I'm just jealous.

Jen said...

LOL, your darling daughter is genius!! I love that story and I get choked up as well reading that book. It reminds me of when my grandma was passing away from cancer and I wrote that same thing on her card, but obviously interjected Grandma, instead of Mommy or whatever. This post was wonderfully entertaining :)

Carolyn said...

David - How exciting! You're going to make me pancakes? Bring it on! And yes, they must have Maple Syrup. I'm Canadian aren't I?

Jennifer - Perhaps they'll make painted hammers for Father's Day. Balazs will take one look at it and say, "What's this?" And yes, you should be jealous. David's making me pancakes... neener neener neener.

Jen - Big surpise that you love that story too!!

Kaycie said...

Someone gave me that book at my first baby shower. I was eight months pregnant. I sat down in the nursery floor and bawled like a baby.

I got my first mother's day present today. My little guy found some quartz and a shell while he was walking through our neighborhood. He wrapped them up in red paper. On the outside, he wrote:

to: mom
from: little guy

thank you

and he drew a little heart.

buzz bishop said...

love you forever creeped jen and i out. a lot. read it once and donated it. just him being 20something and the mom sneaking in the window was weird.

i get the sentiment, and that's nice, but the story is creepy.

that said.. some painted pancakes on sunday would be WONDERFUL! :)

Carolyn said...

kaycie - Sweetest thing ever. Thanks for sharing. Love it.

buzz - LOL. I'd forgotten about the bit with the mom climbing in the window. (Or I blocked it out). Definitely creepy. Hilarious.

Jan said...

Okay the wooden spatula is genius Carolyn.

My mother one year got a toilet seat. That is what I call the real C-rap/tastic.

Now we can all know spectacular that gift really is.

All this talk about pancakes is making me hungry. I say a breakfast party at Davids and Carolyn-you bring the maple syrup and I'll bring the fresh farm eggs.

Daryl said...

Being the ever present grounded one .. is that paint non toxic? I'm just askin'

Careful David doesnt use the spatula til we test its toxicity.

And I'm thinkin' a teddy doesnt look so bad now, does it?


GoneBackSouth said...

Those teachers are on a roll now. Just wait til Christmas - you'll probably get an embroidered duster. Or a glittery mop. Or, even better, a decorative toilet brush.

Corey~living and loving said...

hmmmm interesting. I really am wondering what the thought process was there? will bother me all day wondering what they thought it would represent. hmmmmm

oh and that book. yes a tear jerker...haven't read it to Sugar...I think it is more for adults really.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

We hav Mother's Day erlier in the yeer heer. I gayve Mummy sum choklit flowers. They ar the best type :@D

Angella said...

I was also creeped out by the Mom crawling in the window.


Csilla is awesome.

ped crossing said...

Love it. Love it more that it isn't in my house.

All I know about my mother's day gift from sweetE is that he made a butterfly and they painted their feet to do it. I'll post a picture once I get it. See what happens when you don't do preschool pick up.

aims said...

I'm never going to be a momma - but I think your spoon is georgeous!! Lucky you!

And no - none of your rants ever offend me girl. Never!

Sometimes I think - wow! What other people go through! I guess it works that way for everyone! So don't worry about me my friend.

CrazyCath said...

She is, without doubt, a genius!
Great memories for me of "wonderful" presents....

Suzanne said...

That spatula is a work of art and should be treated as such, immediately! Take it to the frame shop and get it framed in a lovely shadow box, then take it home and hang it on a wall in the kitchen with this quote: "On Mother's Day and other days that begin with an M, this kitchen will be closed!"

Happy Mother's Day!

P.S. to answer your earlier question about my politics....I've posted them today.

Jan said...

Holy Moly. The comments in here. Its great.

Yes the bride is gorgeous. I have not met her yet, but he is my friends son. And the dress she said is beautiful

Yes I make those veggie platters. It has become my little niche I guess. Last year I did get paid a couple of times. I love doing them. Isn't the bowl to die for. I bought it about 15 yrs ago and adore it. I never thought I would use it for veggies. Tomorrow I am using a different wooden container I have. Maybe I will take pictures.

Micheal Buble-my friends are crazy for him 3 of them have traveled all over the country to see him. I am just getting started. That is why I said be proud of me. I think it is so hot that you saw him before he was hot. Love it.

Take care and I'll show pics of everything hopefully.

Have a wonderful Mothers Day... Take care.

Jan said...

Am I turning verbose or what? You be so proud......

Jan said...

Oh what the heck, I'll shoot for 21comments. Happy Mothers Day....

Ishat's Fire said...

Hi, came over feom David's blog.

This is funny. I remember when I got a kitchen applance to make him his favourite food for my birthday once. He didn't last long.

But many a time I have had a talk with teacher about what centery this is or even what decade it is. They say they know, but I am not really sure.

Happy Mother's day! I am sure it will get better as the babe gets older and understands what mama really likes.