Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Continuing on the Mother's Day (Week) theme of all things cute and funny about little miss Csilla, I thought I'd share some conversations with her that I've jotted down in the last little while:

MAMA: Csilla, sweetie, mama has some blogging to do work to do, please play by yourself for a while.
CSILLA: But it's not fun without you Mama.
MAMA: But honey, it's okay to entertain yourself once in a while.
CSILLA: No! It's not fun.
MAMA: Well, you'll just have to make your own fun.
CSILLA: No! I won't!
(A little later that day...)
MAMA: (To Nana as she takes Csilla out, leaving Mama home alone for the first time in a month) Wow. I'm not going to know what to do with myself.
CSILLA: You'll just have to make your own fun Mama! (mar20)

MAMA: Csilla, it's time for bed.
CSILLA: I wish I was an owl, so I could stay up all night and sleep all day.
(Er. Thank God you're not!) (mar21)

CSILLA: Mama! (Whine) I hurt my ankle. (She didn't really).
MAMA: I'm sorry honey. Are you alright?
CSILLA: Nooo. I hurt myself. What does that mean? (Implying she wants a treat of some kind).
MAMA: (Joking) That means suck it up kid.
CSILLA: But I'm not a vacuum cleaner! I can't suck up anything. (mar22)

CSILLA: (During her Easter egg hunt) This is the best Easter ever!
(Finds another egg.)
CSILLA: This is the best Easter ever!
(Finds another egg.)
CSILLA: This is the best Easter ever!
(Awwwwww!) (mar23)

MAMA: (Talking to Balazs, believing Csilla is out of earshot) I'm not sure what we're doing wrong with our child that she won't play with her toys.
CSILLA: Maybe you have the wrong child!
(Ooops. Watch as Mama feels like a complete jerk.) (apr1)

CSILLA: Can we get a pet?
MAMA: I don't think so honey. Mama's really allergic to cats and a dog is too much responsibility.
CSILLA: But I'm reaaaaallly reponsible (not a typo). Reponsible Mama!
MAMA: I know sweetie, you're very responsible.
CSILLA: I know I am! I can go to the pet store and buy food and stuff! Please? A dog?
MAMA: I'm sorry honey, but no. Mama gets kind of itchy sneezy with dogs too.
CSILLA: But if I feed them then they won't come to you mama. They'll only come to me! (mar25)

MAMA: You said you weren't tired, but I just saw a yawn.
CSILLA: That wasn't a yawn mama, I was just exercising my mouth. (apr18)

MAMA: Csilla, it's bedtime. We're not reading another book now. It's too late.
CSILLA: Fine! I'm just going to read these books all by myself (as she slams the door to her bedroom). Buh-bye!
(I swear I don't let my three-year-old watch SNL. Honest.) (apr18)


Kimberly said...

Hee hee! She's such a darling! Reminds me of Emma.

Getting kids to play with toys by the way? Not easy!

Kaycie said...

I swear she's the cutest little girl since my lovely daughter.

Jen said...

LOL! These are hilarious!! I've been writing things down Kya says as well and am actually working on a blog where I can jot them down. Thanks for sharing. These truly made me smile :)

Jan said...

She is on smart little cookie Carolyn. I think she can and will keep up with the best of them.

All cute things and I am glad you have them down for the record.

Great Mother you are and I love the green and pink picture you designed..